Monday, November 30, 2015

Baptism Week

So I forgot all the funny stories that happened this week sorry about that but all that matters is MARCIA GOT BAPTIZED BABY!!!!!!!!!! I knew that she would from the very first lesson with everything we said she was underlining and taking notes in the folleto. She did every single commitment we invited her to and she came to church every week except the one she was out of town for. This past Tuesday tho, we didn't have a baptism. we went over to her house and said how do you feel about Saturday? she said she didn't feel ready and we were like you are ready. It took some talking to her, explaining, and inviting her to pray one last time about Saturday. The next time we visited her we asked her how she felt. She said she feels good for Saturday and feels happy about it. It was so awesome to hear that! So at the baptism she brought her husband, son, sons girlfriend, and her nephew (he gave us her as a reference) I was pretty nervous while baptizing but everything went perfectly smooth during the baptism. After she bore an awesome testimony. She explained how she was looking for the truth and was talking to her nephew about it and how we showed up the next day. She said she feels that this is the true church. It was awesome! It was an awesome experience but I'm ready to baptize her son, Henry, and her husband Abed I think it is. Her husband has had a lot of surgeries so hes been bed rested the whole time we taught Marcia but now hes healthy so we are teaching him and her son we have taught about 3 times ish. 
New news. Me and Elder Belnap are no longer together. After a fun 2 changes with the guy from small town soda springs Idaho it sadly came to an end today. I got a new companion from Utah. His name is Elder Furner. Hes cool but a little goofy. Definitely not what I'm used to. Elder Belnap played sports and stuff in high school and this guy only sang but I'm sure we will start getting a long better soon. I was a little bummed i got another norte because i really wanted a latino so i would have to speak spanish all the time and he could help me out a lot but I'm sure sooner or later ill figure out why i got another norte. I'm excited for this new change and to show Elder Furner around the sector and to get some more baptisms with him! 

More news. So this week we had a mini zone conference and they told us that latinos are going to the MTC for 3 weeks now instead of 2. So not this change, but the next, Is only a 5 week change. So if you put that together it means I'm coming home a week earlier then i was supposed to. So now i will officially be walking through those gates on July 4th 2017
I hope you guys all had a good thanksgiving I'm thankful for all my family and the Dean family for all the love and support you guys give me here on my mission. I love you guys a lot! Ill talk to you next week! 

Worst service ever had to put these rocks and bags of sand in smelly dog food like bags and carry them to the bottom of this hill. Truly an Ecuadorian after that miserable experience, hahaha 

Me and the homies from the CCM in Colombia.  Miss these guys

My new comp, Elder Furner  

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