Monday, November 9, 2015


So I don't have any funny stories to start out this week so I'll just get into this weeks letter. 

So this week we taught Pablo a couple times. He was doing really well! His baptism was for the 14th but he didn't come yesterday and we haven't been able to get a hold of him yesterday or today and we are supposed to have a family night with his family and a members family right after I finish emailing butttttttt he hasn't answered sooo idk what now. But anyways the past couple lessons were all about baptism. Hes ready. We asked him the questions and everything and hes ready but he didnt show up for his interview after church yesterday. But i was soooo jacked because he picked me to baptize him!! POP-POP! Hes awesome we will probably just take the risk and walk like 3 miles uphill without a set cita with him just to see whats up.
You won't believe this guys but the Toapanta family came to church yesterday! Holy moly I believe it was an actual miracle! haha we have brought like 8 different people to their lessons now so Saturday we brought a new person (i know that's probably not a good idea to bring someone new but if they're all busy whatya gonna do) SO the guy we brought yesterday is a convert, as are most members, and he literally talked the entire time no joke haha but he did really well and he kinda taught them about the consequences of sin so I guess it worked cuz the came! SO now they are getting baptized on the 21st along with Pablo!
Marcia is way legit! I told you a little about her last week but unfortunately she was out of town this week so she couldn't come and when she said that she was like 'I cant get baptized on the 21st if I don't come to church' so she understands the importance of coming and really enjoyed coming last week! She's way awesome and she is going to be true convert once we baptize her - I can tell!
Welp that was a sum up of the lessons we taught. People are really finally starting to progress and I'm happy to see that finally!
I love you all! Keep writing me!!

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