Monday, February 27, 2017


Well its been a pretty crazy week thats for sure but it has for sure been a good one. So my time in Columbus Ecuador came and went with my first ever one and out change I have ever had on the mission so ill miss the place for sure BUT I am now back in VISTA HERMOSA!!!!! If you dont recognize the name, its where I started the mission. Im back in my first sector ever in the mission to finish the mission and I honestly couldnt be happier about the change. Yesterday at church was awesome because everyone was like your back and you can actually speak and understand spanish now haha. So its been nice. I am super grateful for the chance to be back in this sector. I developed a love for these people my first 3 changes here and out of all the sectors I've been in, I have loved these people the most. Its my second home. I have another opportunity to SHUV and I'm pumped about it! Im not in the same sector but the same ward but in the other one up higher on the hill. Its actually pretty hard core these hills. By far the hilliest sector I've had and my legs seem to be getting stronger. Its also really cold here now. I haven't been able to feel my toes this whole time cuz its colder in the house than it is outside no joke. Our shower is also a Chinese water torture because it drips huge water drops ALL DAY AND NIGHT its awful haha but I love this sector and these people so much that its all worth it if I come back without any toes! 

So this week we have a baptism of German. He is a venezuelan and I'm not gonna lie, its real hard to understand him at times haha. His wife is in Cuba and he was in Venezuela but the circumstances are so bad there that while he was saving up money to go to Cuba he had to leave. Now he is here in Ecuador saving up living with his friend who is a strong RM thats helping him so much.
The work was tough when I first started the mission, but i know that the Lord is helping us. In my 3 days here we have received 3 references of straight families! Im so happy here. Its going to be so hard to leave these people when it ends... which is soon. The secretaries just sent me a survey that I have to fill out so they know where to buy my plane tickets:( I love being a missionary! 

I love all you guys! I hope you have a great week and talk to you later!

PS I never got swole enough to go contact kai Greene but i also found another man short and YOAKED and I called him Phil Heath because he was a short yoaked black dude. I told my companion we were going to follow him to find his house as well then he comes up to the door we were contacting and I tried to say Buenos dias but it came out all mumbled and nothing ended up coming out right so it was a disaster. Hopefully he´ll get baptized some day from that seed I planted haha 

Monday, February 20, 2017

Kai Greene?

So its been another week in the books and I cant believe that this change is about to end. So we have changes on Thursday because of Carnival thats starting up here this weekend and president doesn't want us waiting all day in a bus station during carnival so he moved up the changes from Monday, to Thursday. Im pretty grateful about that because recently someone told me that my companion says como a lot. I never noticed it and then after he told me omg its like a high school girl talking in front of the class. I still love the little bolivian but he does love the word como. 

Other fun news of the week is that the other day we were at a members/less active members house and her husband sells magnesium. He says it will make me stronger and lose weight so he gave me a free bottle:) he also taught me the secret to make me see better and to have bluer eyes. So the secret is that you put 100% pure honey and some fruit that i dont remember the name of and you mix it together and put it in an eye dropper. He says it burns like hot sauce in the eye for about 5 minutes but after about 2-4 months, ill be seeing better and have clearer/bluer eyes. So on wednesday we have a cita planned to make that magic!
So this week we had a lesson with a recent convert family. They have been struggling and we didnt know what to share with them so we remembered that we just received these dvds about the book of mormon from the mission. Since we don't have a dvd player in the house anymore, we decided we would take this as an opportunity to watch one of the videos. So we chose the segment on Alma 5. It went so well! At first when I saw that the video was from like the 80s I was thinking oh no gosh darn it and it turned out to be way good! It was like a whole imaginary session of being in the final judgement with God but it was the guy judging and defending himself. It turned out to be a way good lesson that has made an impact on the mom. I decided after that lesson I should probably go back and study Alma 5 so I did. I got a lot out of it but I will just share what stood out to me the most and thats starting in verse 33 when Alma starts talking about Christ and his mercy/ grace for us. How he is always there calling us to come to Him and we have the choice to listen or not. To follow or not. I know I have listened to that voice and have followed it which tells us to repent. Repenting means having that change of heart and this chapter talks about that too. Asking us if we have had that change of heart and if we have, can we still feel it now? And thats what I've been asking myself a lot now. The mission has been the greatest thing to happen to me. I have always known these things to be true but I've been so caught up in the world as a teenager tends to get. The mission hasn't been easy at all! Its been hard but I know I have felt that change of heart to leave the world, and to truly be converted. I know the Savior is inviting all to come to Him and to repent and I love helping Him out.
I love being a missionary even if all we do is contact all day long. I recently found a very similar featured Kai Greenethe other day and I made my companion follow him with me to know where he lives. So the goal now is to get super jacked and then to go conatct his door now that I know where he lives then my dream of a "jacked" baptism will come true. The church is still true even if he doesnt accept the message and the dream doesnt happen and I love that! Have a great week everyone love you all! 

Monday, February 13, 2017


Well, I just want you guys to know that I figured out what I had going on that was worse than what jake fisher does. So about my 2nd week here the shower stops producing hot water. Not to mention the shower head is about 4 feet from the ground and its electric and im surprised I haven't been shocked yet because I have hit my head on it plenty of times. Anyways I took a cold shower for exactly 15 days TAKE THAT JAKE! I took it like a champ though. It helped with my recovery on my hard workouts:) But now the new problem hit about 3 hours ago. ALL the water in the house comes out WAYYYY dirty! It literally comes out like orangish brown. Its pretty gross so I dont know what to do about that one because I could take it like a champ like I did with the shower but then again that would probably be pretty gross. 

SO this week was a good week. We had a rule change that we can only listen to the music put on the missions dropbox account so luckily they put America the beautiful on there and thats all we listen to now. Luckily my bolivian companion doesn't make the annoying comment that they are americans too because they aren't. I also had a crazy dream about the virgin and I'm not gonna lie it scared me pretty bad. Just a sign you have been in Ecuador too long when that happens. And to finish off I got the chance to eat guinea pig again this past week. She told me right before she gave it to me "you better eat all of this or I'll get mad" (don't know why she said that I always eat all the food even though its usually gross) but she gives it to me and it was awful. Its like she took the least amount of time possible to pluck the hairs off. There were several patches of hair on the skin haha. I tried plucking off one patch and only got a part and then it all got stuck under my fingernail so it was pretty gross. So I tried taking the skin down like a champ too but I just cant. So I peeled the skin off and when they weren't looking I hid it under all the bones from the chicken and I don't think they found out:)
So about the week it was solid. We were able to find several new investigators this past week which was cool! So im super happy and have been thinking about it a lot that after 321 contacts (street tracting and hitting doors) we finally found a new investigator out of it! I was pumped even if my companion said bautizo and not bautismo in the lesson. We have been able to visit her several times this past week and we are excited to see her progress. The awesome part is that she wants to involve all her family in this. She thinks, and shes right, that it can change her families relationship and make them a better family so we are pretty excited to have her in the program:) I know the Lord has been testing our diligence this change by having us contact 321 people before He finally lead us to this family:) The church is true!
I love you all and i love being a missionary! I hope everyone has a great week and talk to yall later! 

Went to the Teleferico again and once again.... You cant see Quito 

Monday, February 6, 2017


Well its been another good week. Lots of things happened this week so ill try to do my best to explain what good has happened. So the other week we had a mission broadcast where a few Apostles talked about a couple things including a new mission horario( i dont remember what apostles because the screen wasnt working so I was looking at a wall listening to a voice translator in spanish. So boring seriously haha but I got a few good things out of it. But anyways this week our mission president came up with what will be our new horario. I wont go through it all but just the big things. So in the morning we have until 8:30 to get ready and everything now. Neat. Then we have personal study for an hour and companionship study half hour and then we do our daily planning in the morning as well. Then we leave the house and start work at 10:30 until lunch and after lunch we have to find time to do our language study. But the big change is, is that we have to be inside the house at 9 not 9:30 so that way if we want, we go to bed at 9:30. Its a pretty cool change and this week was a little weird trying to get used to it but its good it gives us a lot more accountability to make sure we get everything done. 

The other day I was doing something and I was thinking there is no way jake fisher is walking as hard core as i am right now but I dont remember what it was so im not too happy about that, but just know Jake, that i won i just forgot what it was because these day to day scenes of me walking just all smash together and I forgot. But btw i found out like last week, i didnt have bed bugs, i had spiders. I noticed once all the swelling went down and saw the bites. Pretty gross but you would all be proud to know that i didnt sleep with my companion once I found out i had spiders. I took it like a man.
So the big news for the week was that we had a multi zone conference with Elder Montoya (from the area presidency) and it was LITTTTTTTTT!!!!! Seriously it was so good! I loved it. So he talked about a lot of things and so did president Christensen but what he said was just so good and what i needed to hear and got me so pumped to give everything i have! So ill just tell you what i loved the most. So we started doing some practices (not me thankfully cuz I totally would have tanked) but some others and after he started talking about the authority that we have as missionaries. He said "I promise you all that if you tell who you teach that you promise in the name of who you represent, you will have double the amount of converts as you did last year" You know I wrote that down. I havent used the line yet because I havent felt the spirit tell me to use it yet but Im about to go hard. He then starts talking about the reasons we come on missions. He named a few and then he said "the only valid reason to go on a mission is for the love you have for the Savior" We are here to do His work so we need to be willing to serve Him because we love Him. The last thing i loved was he told us a story about his mission president. Right before his mission president was going to leave he was diagnosed with cancer in his hand. The doctor told him he would have to postpone his mission and go to chemo and everything. So his mission president left thinking what he should do and goes back to the doctors office and says up to where do you have to cut off my arm to make sure the cancer wont come back. The doctor told him just to do the chemo and not to worry about that but he insisted and the doctor pointed to above the elbow. So Elder Montoyas mission president got surgery and cut off basically all of his arm so he could go serve the mission he was assigned to. Ive been thinking a lot about that. Ive been asking myself where do I have to cut my arm, or what sacrifices am i willing to make, so I can serve the Lord and show my love for Him. I suggest you all think about that. What are you al willing to do to show your love for the Savior. 
anyways, i love you all and I love my Savior and I cant believe its only 18 more weeks of this! Ill talk to you all next week!

Btw in a contact we had, a man called me his rey so I now use it to boss my comp around