Monday, February 6, 2017


Well its been another good week. Lots of things happened this week so ill try to do my best to explain what good has happened. So the other week we had a mission broadcast where a few Apostles talked about a couple things including a new mission horario( i dont remember what apostles because the screen wasnt working so I was looking at a wall listening to a voice translator in spanish. So boring seriously haha but I got a few good things out of it. But anyways this week our mission president came up with what will be our new horario. I wont go through it all but just the big things. So in the morning we have until 8:30 to get ready and everything now. Neat. Then we have personal study for an hour and companionship study half hour and then we do our daily planning in the morning as well. Then we leave the house and start work at 10:30 until lunch and after lunch we have to find time to do our language study. But the big change is, is that we have to be inside the house at 9 not 9:30 so that way if we want, we go to bed at 9:30. Its a pretty cool change and this week was a little weird trying to get used to it but its good it gives us a lot more accountability to make sure we get everything done. 

The other day I was doing something and I was thinking there is no way jake fisher is walking as hard core as i am right now but I dont remember what it was so im not too happy about that, but just know Jake, that i won i just forgot what it was because these day to day scenes of me walking just all smash together and I forgot. But btw i found out like last week, i didnt have bed bugs, i had spiders. I noticed once all the swelling went down and saw the bites. Pretty gross but you would all be proud to know that i didnt sleep with my companion once I found out i had spiders. I took it like a man.
So the big news for the week was that we had a multi zone conference with Elder Montoya (from the area presidency) and it was LITTTTTTTTT!!!!! Seriously it was so good! I loved it. So he talked about a lot of things and so did president Christensen but what he said was just so good and what i needed to hear and got me so pumped to give everything i have! So ill just tell you what i loved the most. So we started doing some practices (not me thankfully cuz I totally would have tanked) but some others and after he started talking about the authority that we have as missionaries. He said "I promise you all that if you tell who you teach that you promise in the name of who you represent, you will have double the amount of converts as you did last year" You know I wrote that down. I havent used the line yet because I havent felt the spirit tell me to use it yet but Im about to go hard. He then starts talking about the reasons we come on missions. He named a few and then he said "the only valid reason to go on a mission is for the love you have for the Savior" We are here to do His work so we need to be willing to serve Him because we love Him. The last thing i loved was he told us a story about his mission president. Right before his mission president was going to leave he was diagnosed with cancer in his hand. The doctor told him he would have to postpone his mission and go to chemo and everything. So his mission president left thinking what he should do and goes back to the doctors office and says up to where do you have to cut off my arm to make sure the cancer wont come back. The doctor told him just to do the chemo and not to worry about that but he insisted and the doctor pointed to above the elbow. So Elder Montoyas mission president got surgery and cut off basically all of his arm so he could go serve the mission he was assigned to. Ive been thinking a lot about that. Ive been asking myself where do I have to cut my arm, or what sacrifices am i willing to make, so I can serve the Lord and show my love for Him. I suggest you all think about that. What are you al willing to do to show your love for the Savior. 
anyways, i love you all and I love my Savior and I cant believe its only 18 more weeks of this! Ill talk to you all next week!

Btw in a contact we had, a man called me his rey so I now use it to boss my comp around 

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