Monday, January 30, 2017

Not Much

So its been another week here in good ol santa ana. Another week of contacting all day and all week. We didnt have our first lesson until Thursday so it was a little hard to keep going hard at it touchin doors until Thursday but it was good:) My knuckles hurt pretty bad though because some houses here have doors that look like wood but I swear its steal and it just about breaks your knuckles but I love this sector! 

So this week we had our interviews with president for the change and it was a good one. I told him at the end when he gives you time to ask him whatever you want and I started expressing my stress about the sector. He told me not to worry about it and then gave me some mas o menos helpful advice haha. He told me that missionaries in the past have lost the trust of all the members. He said he believes every single member in the ward has a reference ready for us but they are just waiting for the right missionaries to give it to. So he said I have to work to gain that confidence. Thats the tricky part though because the ward is literally a relief society ward meaning its like all women. So to visit members we literally have to bring members with us which is a little weird but whatever haha. Then he goes on to say that he had 2 sons serving in Spain. He said im almost positive one had one baptism his whole mission and the other one only had one lesson his whole mission. He said you just have to wake up each morning and just keep going at it so you can enjoy the blessings. He said so dont get to desanimated if you dont baptize the rest of your mission. For that line I took it as some what helpful advice haha. But I can honestly say in my time here in this ward I have given everything I have trying to get something going!
Sunday there was an investigator family that came to church for the 2nd time. They have come on their own will because they passed by the church one week and decided that they would assist. Well we couldnt teach them last week cuz they gave us awful directions to their house but we talked to them again on sunday and got better directions and had a member take us in his car so we finally found them:) It was awesome our 3rd lesson to an investigator this change haha but seriously it was an awesome lesson! I know the Lord is helping us out because of our diligence that we have been showing!
Anyways life is good. Its raining a lot and we are still going at the doors in the rain but I love it! My diet is also going good so thats great:) Anyways, love you guys! Talk to you all next week 

La mama de los cheat meals

 this is my favorite fruit here i think now. People say it tastes like wet cotton but I think it was good. Sadly my companion said I wont be able to pack that in my suitcase :( 

Sadly I read this sign after I finished going to the bathroom

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