Monday, January 23, 2017

Cast the Net

So this week has been pretty good. I know my companions name now which is cool haha his name is Elder Alanoca. He's a cool fun companion and we get along pretty well. He thinks I'm funny so thats cool. This week has been a pretty hard one as far as work goes but man am I pumped about working! Seriously I am so pumped and its awesome. Its been raining like crazy here in my new sector. It was 3 days of straight rain so basically the only time I was dry was when I went to bed but it was still awesome to work! Like the caption says, cast the net, thats what we have been doing a lot this week. 

This sector was not taken very good care of this past change. No one did the area book and all they did was visit members so we have no program and like nothing to do all day. So its just been contacting all day basically in the rain. And yes its walking every where there aren't any buses that we take(#JakeFisherdoesntknowwhatwalkingreallyis). It sounds pretty miserable but I'm actually very happy here. Im working probably the hardest I ever have my whole mission. I have so much energy all day and then once i step foot in the house im basically falling asleep while we plan at night and doing the area book but its all good:) 

I know that the lord is blessing us because we contacted over 100 people this week and we got maybe 5 numbers out of it. It was pretty discouraging but I tell my companion every time we get rejected or that someone doesn't answer their door that its not their time then I smile and then we get going to the next house and I realized its really helping him out because he doesn't wanna be here in this sector anymore. So having to put the team on my back this week I continued contacting. Today when I got online we had 10 references given to us! (that was the blessing). i have no idea if they are any good but man was I pumped! I know the Lord is aware of us and hears our prayers. Its going to be a great week:) 

So something that is cool is that when I first showed up all the members told me I look like Peter Parker and some said I look like Harry Potter. Well yesterday while we were contacting one of the doorbells was a little low and i cut my forehead on the little visor type thing it had and so now i look even more like harry potter. Ive also got fleas or bed bugs again and my flea collars are out of juice:( Hopefully with all the work and changes I made to the bed it takes care of the problem:) 

Anyways I love being a missionary! Only 20 more weeks to ball out baby! Love you all and thanks for all you do! 

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