Monday, January 16, 2017

Season 14 Episode 1

So its another change and im out of my good ol sector of Mariscal de Ayacucho but it was an awesome 3 changes. I learned to love so many people there and it was hard to say goodbye to so many of them. As of now I am in a sector called Santa Ana in a zone called la col√≥n. So you can basically say im in columbus again! But with this new sector i have now been in every sector in Quito. (4 in quito and 4 outside of it) But im excited to work hard in my new sector. I forgot my companions name (lol haha but its so hard) but he is a bolivian and just finished his training. I almost had my first kid but the streak continues. So yeah im no longer a zone leader but im still super excited to keep working because no matter what, the work is true:) 

So something ive really been trying to focus on is my obedience these past couple weeks. Not trying to say im disobedient, but  there is always room to improve. Idk why its so hard at times but everyday my goal is to be more obedient than I was yesterday. You really can see the difference in the work when you give everything you have as a missionary including your thoughts and your efforts. The Lord needs missionaries with ready hearts and desires to serve so that this work can go foreward. 
Sorry this letter is short. It was a good last week and I loved it all. Im really enjoying being a missionary and im trying to make every last second count.

I love you all and thanks for your letters. I have plenty of pictures to send so stay tuned:) 

 my home boy Jose and his sister Daniela and the mom Susana 

The Andrade family

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