Monday, November 30, 2015

Baptism Week

So I forgot all the funny stories that happened this week sorry about that but all that matters is MARCIA GOT BAPTIZED BABY!!!!!!!!!! I knew that she would from the very first lesson with everything we said she was underlining and taking notes in the folleto. She did every single commitment we invited her to and she came to church every week except the one she was out of town for. This past Tuesday tho, we didn't have a baptism. we went over to her house and said how do you feel about Saturday? she said she didn't feel ready and we were like you are ready. It took some talking to her, explaining, and inviting her to pray one last time about Saturday. The next time we visited her we asked her how she felt. She said she feels good for Saturday and feels happy about it. It was so awesome to hear that! So at the baptism she brought her husband, son, sons girlfriend, and her nephew (he gave us her as a reference) I was pretty nervous while baptizing but everything went perfectly smooth during the baptism. After she bore an awesome testimony. She explained how she was looking for the truth and was talking to her nephew about it and how we showed up the next day. She said she feels that this is the true church. It was awesome! It was an awesome experience but I'm ready to baptize her son, Henry, and her husband Abed I think it is. Her husband has had a lot of surgeries so hes been bed rested the whole time we taught Marcia but now hes healthy so we are teaching him and her son we have taught about 3 times ish. 
New news. Me and Elder Belnap are no longer together. After a fun 2 changes with the guy from small town soda springs Idaho it sadly came to an end today. I got a new companion from Utah. His name is Elder Furner. Hes cool but a little goofy. Definitely not what I'm used to. Elder Belnap played sports and stuff in high school and this guy only sang but I'm sure we will start getting a long better soon. I was a little bummed i got another norte because i really wanted a latino so i would have to speak spanish all the time and he could help me out a lot but I'm sure sooner or later ill figure out why i got another norte. I'm excited for this new change and to show Elder Furner around the sector and to get some more baptisms with him! 

More news. So this week we had a mini zone conference and they told us that latinos are going to the MTC for 3 weeks now instead of 2. So not this change, but the next, Is only a 5 week change. So if you put that together it means I'm coming home a week earlier then i was supposed to. So now i will officially be walking through those gates on July 4th 2017
I hope you guys all had a good thanksgiving I'm thankful for all my family and the Dean family for all the love and support you guys give me here on my mission. I love you guys a lot! Ill talk to you next week! 

Worst service ever had to put these rocks and bags of sand in smelly dog food like bags and carry them to the bottom of this hill. Truly an Ecuadorian after that miserable experience, hahaha 

Me and the homies from the CCM in Colombia.  Miss these guys

My new comp, Elder Furner  

Monday, November 23, 2015

Qué pasó?

In case you were wondering "assistances" refers to investigators attending Church.  The Spanish word is asistir, which means to attend.  That's your Spanish lesson, courtesy of Dustin.

So buckeyes losing basically ruined my pday. Gosh dang it, Daniels. 

Fun stories for the week - so we had our zone talent show this past friday. To prepare for that we rented a Barney costume as a zone and got on buses passed out fliers and got off. I was in that thing for like an hour and no joke wanted to die! My gosh, but it was super funny to see other people in it. But while I was in it I was dancing on the bus in it and the bus turned and I TANKED! I flew straight onto my back stuck between these grandmas not to mention I exposed my identity to the bus cuz the head flew off haha. Everyone started busting up laughing and tried helping me up. I felt hopeless while on my back, hahah. 
About the talent show it was fun! Not as many showed up as we would have hoped, but we tried really hard so not much we could do on our part. At the talent show our ZLs had an investigator who wanted to dance, and my gosh it was that the funniest thing I've ever seen on my mission! I learned so many new moves from him! Remind on Christmas and I'll show you some, haha. But the guy is "pretty borderline gay" as our ZLs described to me so they were so feminine haha. Another bummer about it was everyone got references from the talent show, but me and my comp. We got jacked cuz we got some, but our investigator who came just put her name and some other people we teach with her on it. Sooooooo got notin. 

If you guys wanna get jacked......................... BAPTISM % OCLOCK THIS SATURDAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! BE THERE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Marcia is the BEST!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I knew she was legit from lesson one! She's so awesome! She had her 3rd assistance yesterday so she is "good to go" - taco bell
I'm seriously sewwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww happy about that! 
Onto some other news. So last week I talked a little about Pablo. Well after we finished writing, we went up to see him. We got there and his mom comes out and explains everything to us. She said "I don't want him getting baptized in Vista Hermosa (my ward) because we don't have anyone we know that goes there." We explained to them the rules and she goes "I don't get it. Why can't he go to San Rafael where his grandma goes?" So we explained the rules again and she goes "well we didn't baptize him as a kid because we want our kids to choose but we don't want him going to that ward." Pablo wants to get baptized, but his parents won't let him. Now onto the other drama of Pablo. The kid got his face absolutely beat in apparently the other night. They beat him up and stole everything off him. We tried to visit him thursday but his mom said he said he doesn't want to see anyone while his face is all messed up. So now its going to be even harder to get him baptized in our ward after that incident.

RAFAEL HAS GOT 3 ASSISTANCES BABY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! But he still has so much marriage stuff to work out that guy really dug himself in a huge hole, but hopefully we can get it all figured out before I leave this sector which wont probably be for another 12 weeks. 

Toapanta family. We talked to them yesterday, but didn't teach and I'm basically ruling them out. I honestly don't think they want anything. 

I'm super jacked about Marcia! She is so awesome and I'm so excited for this saturday baby!!!!!!!!!!! Especially because it's me and my comps last week together cuz hes been here for 4 changes! Marcia though is definitely going to be a true convert! I'm so happy about this! 

I love you guys thanks for writing me! Ill talk to you all next week! 

Monday, November 16, 2015

Anotha Week!

Well this week I can actually start out with some funny stuff. So the other day we were contacting on our way to my boy Nelson's house. So we get going down this street and we hit this one door. This old guy like 60s came out just yelling at us from the beginning and my comp said using every vulgar saying towards us they have in the books calling us criminals as well. Then to top it off he picked up a shovel and chased us out of his property. I felt like I was going to be in the next vine getting hit in the head with a shovel while we were running away from this guy. He don't want none of this tho! 

Another funny story. So I bought some new pants down here and was rockin em one day and then at a practice for this talent show our zone is having I was getting on stage and ripped them! And I mean ripped them. Like more than Dustin did on New Years Eve. I guess these Ecuadorian pants aren't made for a Zeus-like body. But I have a good picture with it hahaha 

So this week was alright. We didn't have as much success as I would've liked not to mention the Toapantas or Pablo didn't come to church. 
So I'll start with Pablo. We finally got a hold of him on Tuesday last week and went and taught him and he said he was sick and that's what has been going on. So we told him like okay yeah, but your baptism is getting changed and he was like yeah I know we said how do you feel about it? he said I'm just waiting for it to actually happen already. So we were like awesome this guys legit! So then Thursday he texts us asking for more time for his baptism and stuff and we think his parents got to him or something, we don't know. We figured we would teach him one more time then his interview on Sunday would reassure him he's ready. But he kept canceling and I don't think he came this week bc he doesn't think he's ready which he is. We are going to see him I think tomorrow 

Toapantas. All I'm going to say about them is I have demoted them to a once a week visit because they frustrate me too much and they refuse to pray about their baptismal date. I honestly don't get it.
MARCIA!!!!!!!!!!!!!! The only legit person we got! She is so awesome! So we taught her and she brought some of her friends to listen who are living with her bc he has cancer and he's getting treatment up here I think in Quito. But the guy who has cancer came with his "wife" they are ex JW missionaries but they came to church yesterday cuz Marcia knows how to get people there! haha no but they are awesome too! 
Marcia is definitely getting baptized next saturday and so will all our other investigators that we have! 

So sad news... My homie Rafeal is really in a huge hole. He is having a kid and lives with his girlfriend so we talked to him about getting married, but he's married to this girl in Chile that he has like 3 kids with. They both want to be divorced I think, but you have to go to Chile to get that done. Its going to be way tough to get that guy in white but I really want it to happen! 

Anyways that was a sum of my week! Thank yalls fo writing me! Keep praying for me and the people here! I love you all 

 My Chilean homie and me - RAFEALLLLLLLLLLLLLLL

Me with my ripped pants 

Monday, November 9, 2015


So I don't have any funny stories to start out this week so I'll just get into this weeks letter. 

So this week we taught Pablo a couple times. He was doing really well! His baptism was for the 14th but he didn't come yesterday and we haven't been able to get a hold of him yesterday or today and we are supposed to have a family night with his family and a members family right after I finish emailing butttttttt he hasn't answered sooo idk what now. But anyways the past couple lessons were all about baptism. Hes ready. We asked him the questions and everything and hes ready but he didnt show up for his interview after church yesterday. But i was soooo jacked because he picked me to baptize him!! POP-POP! Hes awesome we will probably just take the risk and walk like 3 miles uphill without a set cita with him just to see whats up.
You won't believe this guys but the Toapanta family came to church yesterday! Holy moly I believe it was an actual miracle! haha we have brought like 8 different people to their lessons now so Saturday we brought a new person (i know that's probably not a good idea to bring someone new but if they're all busy whatya gonna do) SO the guy we brought yesterday is a convert, as are most members, and he literally talked the entire time no joke haha but he did really well and he kinda taught them about the consequences of sin so I guess it worked cuz the came! SO now they are getting baptized on the 21st along with Pablo!
Marcia is way legit! I told you a little about her last week but unfortunately she was out of town this week so she couldn't come and when she said that she was like 'I cant get baptized on the 21st if I don't come to church' so she understands the importance of coming and really enjoyed coming last week! She's way awesome and she is going to be true convert once we baptize her - I can tell!
Welp that was a sum up of the lessons we taught. People are really finally starting to progress and I'm happy to see that finally!
I love you all! Keep writing me!!

Monday, November 2, 2015


This week was good! So to start out I got proposed to the other day on the street by some like 40 year old. I was walking and she was selling strawberries and she started talking to me and I just walked by and and said no thanks and my comp was like, dude did you even hear what she said? And he told me - so yeah there's the funny story of the week.
So last week I was pretty discouraged that we didn't get any investigators at church for like the zillionth week in a row so me and my comp talked a lot about what we could do better. We decided to work harder and be more diligent in our studies and to just be more bold than we have been. So we did them both. So this past Tuesday when we taught the Toapantas I shared alma 5 verse - I forget - but I was like this is why we are here. We are here serving because we know these things to be true and we want others to know too! I was like we are doing our part, we are telling you exactly what you need to do to receive an answer, but you aren't doing it. Then my comp went and a member talked to (returned missionary from Brazil like a couple weeks ago) he always kills it when he comes with us so he did awesome! Unfortunately at the end of the week they used their agency and chose not to come. I was pretty upset, not only because I sat outside my favorite bakery for 20 minutes while I was fasting but because I really believed that they would come this time. Next week.
So at church we had 3 investigators come to church!!! I FULFILLED MY PROMISE! I was so jacked even tho the Toapantas didn't come. So who came was Rafael, Marcia (a new investigator who is awesome and takes notes our entire lessons) and Pablo and his parents. We don't teach Pablo's parents, but we are going to try to start! So Pablo's fecha is the 14th so maybe we could get him to baptize his parents after we teach them which would be way awesome! Bad news tho we found out last night that my favorite investigator Rafael can't have a fecha if he isn't married. It's a bummer cuz he was on the 14th too, but unless we get him married by then he can't be baptized. But sunday at church I got up to bare my testimony and just made it super basic for all our investigators, and cuz I can't really say my full testimony in spanish. But hopefully it had some sort of impact on them! 
Anyways the work is getting better and I'm super happy we finally had some investigators at church! More next week baby!!!!
I love you all! Thanks for writing me talk to you next week!

This is me feeding the dog that my comp and I are dog sitting while the owner is gone, haha (it's my Lizzy of Ecuador)