Monday, November 16, 2015

Anotha Week!

Well this week I can actually start out with some funny stuff. So the other day we were contacting on our way to my boy Nelson's house. So we get going down this street and we hit this one door. This old guy like 60s came out just yelling at us from the beginning and my comp said using every vulgar saying towards us they have in the books calling us criminals as well. Then to top it off he picked up a shovel and chased us out of his property. I felt like I was going to be in the next vine getting hit in the head with a shovel while we were running away from this guy. He don't want none of this tho! 

Another funny story. So I bought some new pants down here and was rockin em one day and then at a practice for this talent show our zone is having I was getting on stage and ripped them! And I mean ripped them. Like more than Dustin did on New Years Eve. I guess these Ecuadorian pants aren't made for a Zeus-like body. But I have a good picture with it hahaha 

So this week was alright. We didn't have as much success as I would've liked not to mention the Toapantas or Pablo didn't come to church. 
So I'll start with Pablo. We finally got a hold of him on Tuesday last week and went and taught him and he said he was sick and that's what has been going on. So we told him like okay yeah, but your baptism is getting changed and he was like yeah I know we said how do you feel about it? he said I'm just waiting for it to actually happen already. So we were like awesome this guys legit! So then Thursday he texts us asking for more time for his baptism and stuff and we think his parents got to him or something, we don't know. We figured we would teach him one more time then his interview on Sunday would reassure him he's ready. But he kept canceling and I don't think he came this week bc he doesn't think he's ready which he is. We are going to see him I think tomorrow 

Toapantas. All I'm going to say about them is I have demoted them to a once a week visit because they frustrate me too much and they refuse to pray about their baptismal date. I honestly don't get it.
MARCIA!!!!!!!!!!!!!! The only legit person we got! She is so awesome! So we taught her and she brought some of her friends to listen who are living with her bc he has cancer and he's getting treatment up here I think in Quito. But the guy who has cancer came with his "wife" they are ex JW missionaries but they came to church yesterday cuz Marcia knows how to get people there! haha no but they are awesome too! 
Marcia is definitely getting baptized next saturday and so will all our other investigators that we have! 

So sad news... My homie Rafeal is really in a huge hole. He is having a kid and lives with his girlfriend so we talked to him about getting married, but he's married to this girl in Chile that he has like 3 kids with. They both want to be divorced I think, but you have to go to Chile to get that done. Its going to be way tough to get that guy in white but I really want it to happen! 

Anyways that was a sum of my week! Thank yalls fo writing me! Keep praying for me and the people here! I love you all 

 My Chilean homie and me - RAFEALLLLLLLLLLLLLLL

Me with my ripped pants 

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