Monday, February 20, 2017

Kai Greene?

So its been another week in the books and I cant believe that this change is about to end. So we have changes on Thursday because of Carnival thats starting up here this weekend and president doesn't want us waiting all day in a bus station during carnival so he moved up the changes from Monday, to Thursday. Im pretty grateful about that because recently someone told me that my companion says como a lot. I never noticed it and then after he told me omg its like a high school girl talking in front of the class. I still love the little bolivian but he does love the word como. 

Other fun news of the week is that the other day we were at a members/less active members house and her husband sells magnesium. He says it will make me stronger and lose weight so he gave me a free bottle:) he also taught me the secret to make me see better and to have bluer eyes. So the secret is that you put 100% pure honey and some fruit that i dont remember the name of and you mix it together and put it in an eye dropper. He says it burns like hot sauce in the eye for about 5 minutes but after about 2-4 months, ill be seeing better and have clearer/bluer eyes. So on wednesday we have a cita planned to make that magic!
So this week we had a lesson with a recent convert family. They have been struggling and we didnt know what to share with them so we remembered that we just received these dvds about the book of mormon from the mission. Since we don't have a dvd player in the house anymore, we decided we would take this as an opportunity to watch one of the videos. So we chose the segment on Alma 5. It went so well! At first when I saw that the video was from like the 80s I was thinking oh no gosh darn it and it turned out to be way good! It was like a whole imaginary session of being in the final judgement with God but it was the guy judging and defending himself. It turned out to be a way good lesson that has made an impact on the mom. I decided after that lesson I should probably go back and study Alma 5 so I did. I got a lot out of it but I will just share what stood out to me the most and thats starting in verse 33 when Alma starts talking about Christ and his mercy/ grace for us. How he is always there calling us to come to Him and we have the choice to listen or not. To follow or not. I know I have listened to that voice and have followed it which tells us to repent. Repenting means having that change of heart and this chapter talks about that too. Asking us if we have had that change of heart and if we have, can we still feel it now? And thats what I've been asking myself a lot now. The mission has been the greatest thing to happen to me. I have always known these things to be true but I've been so caught up in the world as a teenager tends to get. The mission hasn't been easy at all! Its been hard but I know I have felt that change of heart to leave the world, and to truly be converted. I know the Savior is inviting all to come to Him and to repent and I love helping Him out.
I love being a missionary even if all we do is contact all day long. I recently found a very similar featured Kai Greenethe other day and I made my companion follow him with me to know where he lives. So the goal now is to get super jacked and then to go conatct his door now that I know where he lives then my dream of a "jacked" baptism will come true. The church is still true even if he doesnt accept the message and the dream doesnt happen and I love that! Have a great week everyone love you all! 

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