Monday, February 13, 2017


Well, I just want you guys to know that I figured out what I had going on that was worse than what jake fisher does. So about my 2nd week here the shower stops producing hot water. Not to mention the shower head is about 4 feet from the ground and its electric and im surprised I haven't been shocked yet because I have hit my head on it plenty of times. Anyways I took a cold shower for exactly 15 days TAKE THAT JAKE! I took it like a champ though. It helped with my recovery on my hard workouts:) But now the new problem hit about 3 hours ago. ALL the water in the house comes out WAYYYY dirty! It literally comes out like orangish brown. Its pretty gross so I dont know what to do about that one because I could take it like a champ like I did with the shower but then again that would probably be pretty gross. 

SO this week was a good week. We had a rule change that we can only listen to the music put on the missions dropbox account so luckily they put America the beautiful on there and thats all we listen to now. Luckily my bolivian companion doesn't make the annoying comment that they are americans too because they aren't. I also had a crazy dream about the virgin and I'm not gonna lie it scared me pretty bad. Just a sign you have been in Ecuador too long when that happens. And to finish off I got the chance to eat guinea pig again this past week. She told me right before she gave it to me "you better eat all of this or I'll get mad" (don't know why she said that I always eat all the food even though its usually gross) but she gives it to me and it was awful. Its like she took the least amount of time possible to pluck the hairs off. There were several patches of hair on the skin haha. I tried plucking off one patch and only got a part and then it all got stuck under my fingernail so it was pretty gross. So I tried taking the skin down like a champ too but I just cant. So I peeled the skin off and when they weren't looking I hid it under all the bones from the chicken and I don't think they found out:)
So about the week it was solid. We were able to find several new investigators this past week which was cool! So im super happy and have been thinking about it a lot that after 321 contacts (street tracting and hitting doors) we finally found a new investigator out of it! I was pumped even if my companion said bautizo and not bautismo in the lesson. We have been able to visit her several times this past week and we are excited to see her progress. The awesome part is that she wants to involve all her family in this. She thinks, and shes right, that it can change her families relationship and make them a better family so we are pretty excited to have her in the program:) I know the Lord has been testing our diligence this change by having us contact 321 people before He finally lead us to this family:) The church is true!
I love you all and i love being a missionary! I hope everyone has a great week and talk to yall later! 

Went to the Teleferico again and once again.... You cant see Quito 

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