Monday, February 27, 2017


Well its been a pretty crazy week thats for sure but it has for sure been a good one. So my time in Columbus Ecuador came and went with my first ever one and out change I have ever had on the mission so ill miss the place for sure BUT I am now back in VISTA HERMOSA!!!!! If you dont recognize the name, its where I started the mission. Im back in my first sector ever in the mission to finish the mission and I honestly couldnt be happier about the change. Yesterday at church was awesome because everyone was like your back and you can actually speak and understand spanish now haha. So its been nice. I am super grateful for the chance to be back in this sector. I developed a love for these people my first 3 changes here and out of all the sectors I've been in, I have loved these people the most. Its my second home. I have another opportunity to SHUV and I'm pumped about it! Im not in the same sector but the same ward but in the other one up higher on the hill. Its actually pretty hard core these hills. By far the hilliest sector I've had and my legs seem to be getting stronger. Its also really cold here now. I haven't been able to feel my toes this whole time cuz its colder in the house than it is outside no joke. Our shower is also a Chinese water torture because it drips huge water drops ALL DAY AND NIGHT its awful haha but I love this sector and these people so much that its all worth it if I come back without any toes! 

So this week we have a baptism of German. He is a venezuelan and I'm not gonna lie, its real hard to understand him at times haha. His wife is in Cuba and he was in Venezuela but the circumstances are so bad there that while he was saving up money to go to Cuba he had to leave. Now he is here in Ecuador saving up living with his friend who is a strong RM thats helping him so much.
The work was tough when I first started the mission, but i know that the Lord is helping us. In my 3 days here we have received 3 references of straight families! Im so happy here. Its going to be so hard to leave these people when it ends... which is soon. The secretaries just sent me a survey that I have to fill out so they know where to buy my plane tickets:( I love being a missionary! 

I love all you guys! I hope you have a great week and talk to you later!

PS I never got swole enough to go contact kai Greene but i also found another man short and YOAKED and I called him Phil Heath because he was a short yoaked black dude. I told my companion we were going to follow him to find his house as well then he comes up to the door we were contacting and I tried to say Buenos dias but it came out all mumbled and nothing ended up coming out right so it was a disaster. Hopefully he´ll get baptized some day from that seed I planted haha 

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