Monday, March 6, 2017


So this week was pretty good! Thankfully the baptism was able to go through super well besides the fact that 3 members showed up haha but its okay! I was happy because this is the best ward mission leader I think I have had in the mission! He is always way on top of things. He got the font filled, vacuumed everything and made the program without us having to say anything. It was way nice! 

So I really dont have too much time due to getting a haircut that took forever because the guy is this hardcore haircutter thats gonna travel to the states for a haircutting contest where he puts designs in peoples hair. He took a video of me and then took a picture afterwards. LOOK FOR ME ON INSTAGRAM! I got an Angel Moroni on the back of my head now its pretty hyphy
The part that stood out to me the most this week was the familia Cadena. So on tuesday we were walking and a man and his wife start contacting us in their car. They said they wanted a book of mormon and so it was like ya of course where do you live? So on friday we visited them and it was awesome! So we start talking not even asking questions to get any information out of him and then he just tells us everything! He literally told us why he wanted to listen to us, what are his beliefs and doubts. Literally straight money! Then the part that stood out to me the most was about Camila. So he is studying to become an orthodontist and one of the people that studies their is a girl named camila. He said he noticed her and noticed how mature she was especially since she is only 19. So he started talking to her and she told him that she was a member of the church and thats why she is how she is. She started telling him about the Book of Mormon and everything! She made such a big impact on him just from the way she carries herself, that he is now listening to us. I dont know what will happen with the familia Cadena, but I am so grateful for people that live the Gospel. You never know who is watching and the impact you can make on others just by living and following Christ.
Anyways I know that this work is true! I love being a missionary and I dont have an angel moroni on my head but the rest of the information was true. I love you all!  

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