Monday, March 27, 2017

"I'll Go Where You Want Me To Go"

Well its been another week in the mission. I finally made it to my sector on Tuesday around 1 and while I was sitting in the bus terminal all by myself (wasnt even that scared mom) I just started sweating like crazy. Seriously the sun is sooo strong and its WAY humid! The worst part is that since I got emergency changed I had to pack as fast as possible and get to the bus terminal so they could send me off. I forgot all my dirty clothes in my old house which was a majority of my shirts. So ive been wearing 2 shirts in 6 days. I have to hand wash my shirt every night and i don't think I'm doing that  good of a job because they are turning yellow... no me importa
I really love my house its cool its right across the street from the police station so they are keeping me safe in the jungle. However we did forget our keys in the house one day and we shut the door and were locked out. So being from the states I was like lets just tell the police theyll open up the door and my companion, from guayaquil, just kinda stared at me. So i told the police and they just looked at me like what do you want me to do so I was like can you guys just break into the house and they said they didnt know how so then I asked for a ladder and they didnt have one. So then after the police were no help I lifted my companion up to enter for the balcony but bc he doesnt work out in the mornings he couldnt do a simple pull up and get in. So we went looking in the whole part of the area for a ladder. Finally we got in about an hour later. I bet it looked pretty weird seeing 2 missionaries trying to  climb into a second story building but yeah. Also another story is ever since friday we have had the gusto to be hosting the evangelicas on the other side of the street. Man do they go hard. SO we live across the street from a basketball court and they started holding services there at night. The preacher goes way hard in the paint. He screams like crazy and then everyone starts screaming halleuya (i have no idea how to spell that.) and gloria a dios y amen! its so funny and they just all start clapping and going crazy. I would say the craziest part is when the preacher told someone he had cancer and said Ill save you and then he "cured him" and the guy fell to the ground and was all spazzing. That one tends to happen a lot too. I have some pretty funny videos I filmed from our house so Ill show you guys in 11 weeks
So besides all those crazy experiences that where pretty fun, its been a hard week. I got here in my new sector way pumped and ready to go and thats when it all struck. Everyone in the district just starts talking bad on Tena. I tried not to listen but then the work started.  I would say it all just hit me yesterday in church though because it just built up throughout the week. So we dont even have a chapel to start with. Its an office where we hold our meetings. We had an assistence of 48 people yesterday and the branch has over 700 members but the rest are all inactive. It just all hit me because I was sitting there in church like oh my gosh where the heck am I? Principios del evangelio was just us 4 missionaries  teaching to 2 converts and then elders quorum was literally quorum de elderes because it was basically all missionaries. It was 4 missionaries, the branch president and some man that lives 3 hours outside of tena. Its so hot here you dont go to church in suits and you just sweat all day. Its so hard because I dont know if you guys have seen that vine where the guy asks the kid whats 9+10 and he says 21 Then he calls him stupid? That is literally how I feel here. Doesnt matter what you ask someone it can literally be hermano who is God to you? and they will respond with I read the bible everyday and I literally am like I dont care thats not what I asked. My patience has never been tried so much all at once. Im not gonna lie, the mission hasnt been easy buts it 100% been enjoyable for me and ive enjoyed the whole process and its been way fun! I love the mission but this week has been hard. I just almost broke down into tears. The ward is like a bucket of water with a bunch of holes as my mission president put it. Im trying so hard to love the people and my companion. Its been a new type of challenge for me. However, I tell the Lord everyday "ill go where you want me to go" I know its hard but He knows what he is doing. I obviously have some more forming He wants to do with me and thats why im here. I know why im on a mission. The answer is the same that I recieved in the MTC when I was having a hard time. "Elder Welch, do you love me? Feed my sheep" I love the Lord. I know im here for a reason and so im trying to be as obedient to the call to serve as ever. 
Sorry if the letter was negative but its been a hard week. Im excited for the chance to serve here in tena. I hope to leave a lasting impact in this area and to really show the Lord that I love Him. Ill go where ever He sends me
I love you all
Elder Welch

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