Monday, April 3, 2017

All In!

So it was another great week as a missionary! It was for sure better than last week. It was a lot of prayers and questions answered as well as I listened to general conference:) Something else cool is that today I fed a monkey and it climbed all over me. That was WAY cool:) They robbed me a couple times including stealing the bag of grapes out of my hands but it was awesome! I want a pet monkey now. The only thing that scared me was the bigger one bit this guy so he slapped it in the face haha and they all went into attack mode so we got the crap out of there! Other than that it was great.
So yeah conference was wayyy awesome! Such good talks were given and so much was learned. The key things I learned were about being all in, following the spirit, and love. My favorite talk was given by Elder Gary B. Sabin. It was so good! It honestly just hit me super hard about being a missionary here in Tena. I just have to be all in and give everything I have to the branch and the Lord. Then the talks on the spirit too especially Elder Rasbands about following the promptings. I loved the part "9 times out of 10 youll be right" in referring to following the spirit. I thought about the internal battle missionaries tend to have when walking in the street and thinking "contact them" and then you fight it no and its just a battle honestly haha and then the person passes by and yeah. I referred that back to being all in. Not letting a single moment pass by! Then A LOT of talks talked about Christ's love for us and His work and also our Heavenly Fathers love for all of His children. It then made me think again about being all in. The branch and Tena in general need all the love I have right now. I know Heavenly Father loves all these people here in Tena even if they dont know it or believe it or dont want to know anything about Him. I need to have the same look on them. My goal is to eventually have the experience of Pte Eyring happen to me all the time where you just look at someone and see them exactly as He does. Im loving the people more, but I have a lot more of love to give them! For that reason, I want to be 100% all in. So by that im giving everything I have in what I have left. To help me complete my goal, I dont wanna think about home. Please when you guys write me do not mention anything of the house or how much time I have left. Anything that can be classified as "trunky" dont send me please! Subjects to avoid: anything related to the gym and working out(<--especially this one), sports, vacations, schooling, or anything else you guys can think of.

Im so excited to be here as a missionary! Pte told me in a letter that he sent me here because he believes with the experience that I have that I can help change the branch and help strengthen future leaders/ find them. Im grateful for this challenge. Yesterday we had a solid assistence of 14 people haha 4 being missionaries but thats going to change. Im getting used to the heat and humidity and im more focused!
I love you all! Thanks for the letters and talk to you all next week:)

My new style. You may be wondering what the heck your tie is too short, no its called the power gap

also note that I put a towel on my belt. Yes i do feel like a quarterback but its just to wipe the sweat off my face during lessons and stuff :) 

My monkey friend

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