Monday, April 10, 2017

Hot and Sweaty

So its been another solid week here in Tena. So yesterday we received changes and Elder Velez the "mono" is now out of Tena and I will be receiving Elder Espinosa. You might remember that name because he has already been my companion. He is the colombian I was with that was WAY hard to understand. However, since Tena is in the absolute middle of no where, he still isnt here. He is coming all the way from Manabi and has to travel to Quito then take a 7 hr bus ride to get to Tena so he probably wont get here until about 8 at night. Its been nice being able to speak english with another elder all day since I haven't had a gringo comp since august. 

Not too much new went on. It was another week of contacting and naked people answering the door telling us they are busy. However, it was rewarding. We were able after 3 straight hours of tracting to find a new investigator named Gustavo. It was so nice we taught the restoration to him and felt the spirit so strongly. A few tears may have fallen from my eyes. Im not sure if its because we actually taught a lesson and he 100% understood and comprehended what we were teaching or because I felt so much love for him as he said yes to a baptismal date. Both reasons are valid. We also are going to start teaching a PF family. Everyone is member minus the dad. He played for the LA galaxy about 20 years ago so thats pretty cool. He started talking to me about pro soccer players about like 15 years ago and I was like yeah I have no idea who these guys are. I gotta stop telling people I like sports because they think I know everything. I stood my ground more though on soccer than I did with baseball #thankyoucompañerouruguasho :)
Well, I love being a missionary. It was a great week being all in! The weather is hot and we are sweating a lot. Its awesome too because my farmers tan line is getting pretty good as well. I found out this week that Tena is hotter than guayaquil so that made me feel a lot better. Not only am I walking more than Jake fisher, but I for sure am sweating more than him. 

I love you all! Thanks for everything and talk to yall later

The smallest zone in the mission

I ate a worm this week. Its called the Chontacuro. I only took it down fried but I wanna 
eat it raw this next time look it up in the internet

My mono:) 

I actually climbed a hill in Tena so thats all of Tena in the picture

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