Monday, April 17, 2017

Tener Careful!

So it was another successful week in Tena, meaning I survived and the crazy indigenous didn't rob me! Anyways its been a good week. I love being with my Colombian comp again. Hopefully I'm still saying that by the end of the change haha. 
Idk why but i literally feel like Benjamin Button because I feel like my body is falling apart. I wake up and my whole body just hurts and I feel like an old man but everyone tells me I look like im 18 so must be all the rice I eat:) Anyways so we went to a waterfall today in the middle of nowhere jungle town. It was the muddiest trail to get there and it was like over a 30 minute walk in straight mud. Luckily I made it safely and crossed the river and did some rad poses in front of the waterfall. Walking back was the tricky part. The whole time I literally almost fell like 50 times and so did the other elders so i decided I would make a deal first one to fall has to buy bread for everyone else. Luckily no one agreed because right when I was about to pull out a victorious walk I tanked hard core. I went straight from my feet to my back and it knocked the wind right out of me. I took it like a champ. However I feel bad for the branch pte when he washes my clothes tomorrow because it looks like I pooped my pants but i promise I didn't...
So the week was great. We are working super hard and contacting a lot and not seeing a lot of fruits but its still awesome. The only downside is we are making progress with the less actives here. Including going from telling the missionaries to stop coming by, to inviting us to eat with them every friday for lunch! I think the hardest part for me is its all coming to an end soon and I wanna see results and I wanna see them now before I go home. But Pte said something yesterday in consejo de rama and said we cant run with these people. It really made me think because yeah its cool to see results and to baptize and all that but the branch already has too many less actives. Im working on my patience now. Ive developed I think more tolerance on the mission than patience. You have to have patience and really learn how to love these people. Its great being a missionary! 
I love you all! 
Elder Welch

PS- come to Tena if you wanna hear a hot cheeto and taki talk on sunday about the work for the dead in the recently cleaned office building/ chapel that I got assigned to clean:) 

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