Monday, March 13, 2017


Well I'm sorry to inform you guys, the diet took a huge hit this week and it was all my fault. I decided it would be way cool if I learned how to make arepas with some venzuelans and it was way cool. I still gotta practice it but dont worry ill have it mastered for you guys when I get back. 

This ward is FILLED with members from venezuela. They all keep coming here trying to escape the horrible conditions that are in their country right now. So our recent finds this week came from German. He has a couple roommates that just moved in. They accepted to listen to us, a baptismal date, and came to church and I was pumped! First time thats happened in a while! They are about 20 years old the 2 of them so we are working with future missionaries which is awesome:) The worst part is I told them I like baseball and they ONLY talk baseball with me. All I literally said was I like baseball and they took it as if I love like crazy haha. I know nothing about baseball as far as players go and everything especially international play. So if you guys wanna fill me in thatd be cool so I dont look like an idiot haha

Well in my personal study I came across something that called my attention in mosiah 18:30. In this chapter Alma has just baptized about 200 people in the waters of mormon. And what calls my attention so much is in v30 when it says all this happened in mormon where they came to the knowledge of their Redeemer. Why I like that verse so much is because as well in the Book of Mormon, we come to the knowledge of our Redeemer. I know because it has happened to me. My testimony is the Book of Mormon is VERY strong. I know that this book is true and I wouldnt deny it for anything. I hope you all are reading it daily and applying what it teaches us.
Hopefully what I shared made sense because it did in my head
I love you all and hope you all have a great week! Talk to yall later! 

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