Monday, March 20, 2017

12 weeks!

Well I don't know if its common in other missions but when missionaries start their missions they go through the 12 week process where they are being trained. Then its common for missionaries to say they are in their 12 weeks when they are finishing up with their last 12 weeks. Im now in that boat and its crazy!
Well I today has been basically the worst Pday ever! We were about to get on a bus to go to a waterfall for a zone activity and then the assistants called me and told me I have emergency changes. This is my 3RD EMERGENCY CHANGE IN THE MISSION! I HATE them. They are so stressful but I know they are inspired. So I got taken out of my beloved ward Vista Hermosa after 3 weeks. Its awful I didnt even get to say goodbye to the people I love most! I got shipped to the jungle. I now (fingers crossed) am in my last sector. My sector is called Tena. Its the hottest part of the whole mission and its like straight jungle. Its the only part in the whole mission where you get to baptize in a river because its a super small branch with an assistance of about 30-50 people. It should be way cool! Right now im in baños because I just got off of a 4 hour bus ride and still have 3.5 hours to travel to get to my new sector. So they told me to stop here for the day and tomorrow I have to travel more. Then every Thursday I have to travel to baños for the district/zone meetings haha. Pretty crazy but im excited to be here. I remember Pte Christensen told me a little over a year ago that maybe one day ill go to Tena. He told me that the day before changes and I didnt go. With time the thought faded away. Now im going! Should be great and im excited to work and to baptize so you see some straight flammin baptismal pictures in the river in the middle of a jungle! 

The work was going great in Vista Hermosa. We were receiving a lot of references and eating arepas! It was great. 

So last week I got a little trunky and decided I would write down on a piece of paper some goals. I called it the missionary/man I want to be. It talks about the characteristics of the missionary I dream to be and the man I want to be. I felt inspired to do it because I still feel like there is WAYYYYYY more for me to get out of the mission. I feel like the Lord isnt done shaping me into the missionary and man he wants me to be. Im so grateful for the 21 months Ive had in the mission and for the 3 months I have left. Time to work hard!
Thanks for all the letters! know that I love you guys! Hope you all have a great week!

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