Monday, December 7, 2015

Notha Week

So this week was good. Not much honestly happened this week. It was my first week with my new comp and man was it different. We get along fine its just different. So this week since i stayed in my sector I'm showing my new comp around the sector. Its a little hard especially since i was left with literally nothing to work with. We contacted our heads off this week just trying to get some return citas and get some news. SO our ratio last week was a little ehhhh we had 82 contacts with 1 new. Garbage. That new came from an old investigator we went and taught and her brother happened to be there. So I don't know how much they will progress. It's just been kinda a hard week especially following a baptism week. I'm showing the sector around and it's just a little hard because my companion isn't that positive. I'm trying to get us into lessons but no ones home when they say they will. Throughout the days he's just like man this day is terrible and I'm like dude we gotta work to find news lets go. He hates contacting but likes getting into lessons so it doesn't add up. You gotta learn to enjoy the process of finding the news. This week we did divisions with the ZLs and so my homie elder Heyrend came up to my sector with me. He taught me a couple new techniques to finding news. So after lunch we got to work. So what we tried at first and my favorite one was shinning shoes. You just walk up to people and say hey we are missionaries shining shoes for free. Then once they say yes i would start shining the shoes and heyrend would contact them. It was a lot of fun! He also taught me about blessing houses which is going to be my go to move to getting into houses on Christmas. So blessing houses is when you contact a house but instead of the typical door approach you say hey we wanna put a blessing on your house. He said they will always be yeah of course come in. So since Christmas is such a hard day in the mission with lessons and stuff I found the key to getting into homes haha! I'm excited for this week especially because tomorrow I'm in Quito all day with my zone because we have our Christmas dinner later that night at their house! This week should be good I'm excited to get working and find our news! 

I love you all and love reading your letters! Talk to you all next week! 

Me and my boy Nelson  

Some other missionaries and I at papa johns for thanksgiving - all you can eat! 

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