Monday, December 14, 2015


Normally that is sung at about 5 on sundays and I just start singing it to my companions except the last bit of pday is almost here, but I'm so happy cuz MY PACKAGES ARE HERE BABYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY! I opened one up today, good thing I did, the one that said pants so I can start wearing them, but you lied there were no pants in that package but good thing I did open that one cuz it had all my letters from Ivy and the first one to open is today so I can't WAIT!!! The next one is opened on Christmas eve and the other 2 for christmas. I also got all my money out from western union so today has just been a fantabulous day after a long hard week!
So about my week.... 100 contacts to 0 new investigators about sums up my week. such a hard week. Everyday before lunch contacting cuz we had no citas then after lunch contacting until our first set cita. It was beyond frustrating this week. But I made it fun so that way my comp wouldn't hate me haha but yeah it was rough. Anyways Ebed, Marcias husband, got his 3rd assistance this week! His fetchya is for this saturday, but due to our lame consejo and corilations at night with the word we have only been able to teach him 2 times this past week so he still needs a lot more lessons before his interview so i dont know if itll happen this week but we are going to try super hard to make it work! Hes ready! His son, Henry, is doing good! He worked way late saturday night when we last taught ebed so he wasn't there and since he got home late and had to work sunday since its a busy time of the year he couldn't come sunday. So he is now for the 2nd of january. But whats awesome is that if we get Ebed baptized this saturday he can baptize his son on the 2nd! that'd be pretty neat. 

Hna Coloma is cool. I don't know if i have ever talked about her to you guys but she is doing good! She has two assistances and is a good investigator! She doesn't exactly i think fully understand everything but she does our invitations and when we teach her husband hes like deaf so we have to yell and then he just smiles at us the whole time so honestly i don't think he understands at all but he isn't progressing because hes ALWAYS working and hasn't come to church. That will change tho.
Other than these 3 those are our only progressing investigators so as you can see we desperately need to find news and no thanks to the help of our members. They don't help us out at all! Its a very hard sector. Everyone admits to that but I'm working hard. For all you guys back home, if the missionaries ask you for anyone to visit, please give them someone because i feel in some way it will boost my luck that they help us out with references. Also because everyone needs to hear the gospel so Christ can come again! I love you guys! Pray for me! Thanks for writing me! I love you all

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