Monday, December 28, 2015

Great Seeing You All

So I had a better subject planned for this email, but I forgot. But today official marks the 5 month mark in the mission. Crazy how since I've been in Ecuador its gone decently fast, but at the same time feels like I've been out for like 10 months. Weird how that works. So talking to you all was the best! You all wrote me about homesickness after the call: I really wasn't that bad for some reason after the call. It was something that was more so just needed to get me through these next 5 months. HoweverMothers day is going to be difficult without you all being in the same house so you'll have to plan that out by getting everyone on the same screen so I'm not making multiple calls. Anyways, to inform you on after the call, I about died. If I knew how to use dropbox I would send home a funny video I made of mid dying: by dying I mean I got deathly sick: just as sick as I was my first week here except only half the time: (my period just stopped working so these letters might be punctuated horribly) I was having real bad stomach problems and my head hurt sooooooooo bad worst in my life I had a horrible fever and couldn't move I was honestly dead: anyways Marcia took real good care of me: her son is a doctor and so he wrote me and my comp out a bunch of prescriptions and she went and bought them for us (cuz he was dying too) so that was very nice! So I took those and just passed out all day yesterday: I'm feeling wayyy better today tho! 

Okay missionary stuff: I REALIZED LAST WEEK I wrote you saying that Ebed, whose name is actually Abdon, knows the church is true, but I was misinformed. That's whats keeping him from being baptized: He said once he receives an answer to his prayers then he will stop walking in the Catholic procession and be baptized: so this week is going to be a lot on prayer possibly even a fast, we will probably save that for Sunday tho haha. BUT YEAH he had an hour and a half interview sooooooooooooooo long haha our DL said he just told him his whole life story in that interview. haha but hes awesome. About the familia Coloma: they are progressing very well. She doesnt want to get baptized till her husband does so we need to wait till he gets his 3rd assistance. So that baptism will be next Saturday the 9th I think it is. Theyll both be ready for then. Anyways not much new has happened since we last talked just been lyin in bed sleeping cuz I was so sick. But anyways I feel good now. 

That phone call was the best! I'm super pumped for mothers day! start thing NOW of what you want to say so we don't get any awkward silences and waste that precious time! I love you all! Keep writing me! Talk to you next week! 

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