Monday, January 4, 2016

New Years

Well with this New Years marks the fact that I'll be seeing you guys next year exactly in 1 1/2 years! haha sounds kinda trunky of me, but this week has been pretty trunky. Actually these past 2 weeks have with all the holidays going on and not being able to leave my house on these holidays so all you have to do is basically think about back home while stuck in an apartment all day thinking about what you would be doing if you were back home. And not to mention my homie Elder Heyrend my ZL officially is home so its always hard to see someone complete their mission and not think about that time of yours. Anyways I'm sure you guys are probably wondering why we had to stay in the house. So on New Years Eve it gets real crazy and dangerous down here (however not in my sector unfortunately) so by crazy I mean everyone just gets blasted out drunk and all the guys dress up like women and dance all over cars and other guys in the street and the only way you get them to stop is if you pay them. If you dont they start making out with you. Probably the dumbest tradition ive ever heard of haha but thats what they do here. 
Well this week was even rougher than last weeks. My goodness was it a long, slow, boring week. We had about 3 lessons in total not just to investigators. Slow, slow week. Anyways we were able to squeeze in a lesson with the Coloma family this week before all the craziness took over. The lesson went well and i was feeling way good about their baptism for this Saturday. Then, disaster started to strike. Just when I thought the week couldn't get worse every lesson we had with them just kept falling. I slowly but surely started doubting about the baptism for this Saturday. Then disaster struck. NO SHOW yesterday. Gosh dang it I was so frustrated. Because she wants to get baptized with her husband and he only needed one more assistance. So we are thinking now we are going to tell her that she needs to be the example to her husband and get baptized on Saturday and her husband will follow her the following week. However, i need to kinda sort my mind right now. I am having kinda mixed feelings because i dont know if the reason i want her to get baptized this Saturday is only because its the last week of the change and im most likely leaving after this change. I haven't quite yet decided. Idk yet but you guys will know the end decision based off of next weeks email. Sorry this letter is kinda short, like I said it was a slow week. I hope you guys had a great new years. Definitely missed it a lot! I love you all! Thanks for writing me! Talk to you all next week! 

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