Monday, January 11, 2016


So yesterday was my last day in my beloved sector of Vista Hermosa. Although it was tough to leave I was sooooo ready. The sector is kinda dead and to be honest, I love the members a TON, but they help diddly. It was pretty slow, but since it was my first sector and the members were way awesome, I'm bummed to leave. However I'm not far away at all from my last sector. My sector was on this huge hill and no joke you just go over that hill and there's my sector. So I literally just went over a hill to my new area. Right now I'm in Turubamba in the ward Argelia. I got my first Latino companion, besides my mtc one, he doesn't speak any English so this is great. Its a little hard right now, but it's necessary and I was really ready for one. With me coming up on 6 months I don't want to be the missionary that can't speak haha so I'm glad this happened. However, as soon as I found out who my companion was everyone who knows him just started giving me all these bad stories about him how he's fake and just wants to "sub" or go up as in like a zone leader or something. So idk if those stories are true, but I'm trying not to judge by any means right now and just get to know him better. Anyways yeah that's the big news for this week. 

As far as work goes we worked a lot with the familia coloma this week. We made a lot of progress and Furner and I thought she was really ready for baptism so we went ahead and did her interview yesterday. She didn't pass one of the questions so she is going to have to wait and we need to teach her more and stuff and then get a couple more interviews and she will be good to go. Her husband on the other hand didn't have his interview because this past week we asked him to pray and he didn't know how. SO that's obviously a huge red flag. Every time we ask him to pray his wife just starts praying then says it in the quietest voice that I can't even hear it and so there is no way a man who is basically deaf can hear that. So Furner is going to work on that since he stayed in that sector. We also found out about him that everything we teach him he doesn't understand because he's pretty slow, not retarded, just not the smartest haha. So yeah so what we decided we would do is give him every folleto he needs and we will underline what he needs to get out of each lesson. We found if he reads it, he understands. So that's what we were starting to do and what Elder Furner will continue to do. 

Anyways pray for me to have success in this new area. Pray for me to get along with my new companion and be able to speak better with him. I love you guys very much and I appreciate all the letters! Talk to you all next week!

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