Monday, January 18, 2016

Week 1 in the New Sector

Man has this been a LONG week yet fast one too. Let me explain why its been long so I can get all the negativity out of the way. To start off, I changed my mind. Me and this companionship is not working out let me tell you what. Never in my life have I ever met anyone more prideful then he is. Its like dude what do you have to be prideful for? This is your native language and its not you doing all the teaching. Its not us. He acts like the only person who needs to learn something out of this companionship is me. Let me tell you the quote of the week "you need to respect me I'm your district leader" Its like first of all don't tell me to respect you, you earn it. That made me so mad! I would rather listen to Jack Robinson and Jake Fisher argue for 5 weeks straight then be in this companionship. So difficult. He does so many things that just drive me up a wall. I wont list them but never in my life have I prayed to learn to love someone until this change. I pray so hard every single time I pray to help me learn to love him. However with all the struggles, he is helping me a ton with the Spanish and I guess that's really the only reason I wanted a Latino. 

Okay enough negatives cause I could go on and on. This week went by pretty fast because there is sooooo much more to do here in this sector than in my last. We teach about 5 lessons a day which is how many we would get in my old sector in about 5 days. My sector is HUGE!!!! Its honestly about the size of Powell and Dublin put together. They just combined our sector with the other one this change. So since our sector is so big there is a lot to do, and thankfully he wants to do divisions about every week because we have a new rule that the elders in your district both come to the DL sector and work there bc its supposed to be an example. So since our sector is so big he wants to do more divisions so that way we can cover all of our sector more at once. So I'm excited for those. As far as the work goes I don't really remember anyones names only the family Maldonado. They are a couple that we are hopefully marrying this week and baptizing the next. Right now we are helping them raise money to pay for there wedding. Other than that, that's really the only "progressing" even tho technically they are progressing, investigators we have. We have another tho his name is Wilson. He was an old investigator of the missionaries who just got taken out. They dropped him because he is pretty crazy. He believes in energies not so much in God so yeah. But with some miracle he came to church yesterday for the first time ever. We will see how well he progresses. Funny story, contacted a family the other day. Unfortunately, but kinda relieved they didn't want anything right now because their last name is Toapanta and I don't want to deal with that again. Some other missionaries can haha. (complete joke dad and Tyler) 
anyways, that was my week. Pray for me. This companionship is so hard he is mad at me like every other minute. I love you guys thanks for writing me! Talk to you next week!

My farewell in Vista Hermosa 

 Always nice to have a good view of the virgin Mary while I study 

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