Monday, September 28, 2015

Another Week Bites the Dust!

Well mom I'm sorry I really blew it and didn't plan well and now here I am with only ten minutes left haha shoot!  
First off to start we had divisions this week and I left my sector and went with someone who speaks no English. A lot of people here don't believe we landed on the moon so I asked him what he thinks and that was a mistake bc he went off for about 15 minutes and I just nodded and didn't understand like any of that. But then he told me some Chilean bought the moon and I thought that was the biggest load of crap so I told him my family bought Coto Paxi and that took a lot of convincing on my part, but I may have got him haha.  
Anyways on divisions I was asked to say the prayer in english and I forgot how kinda. Also later that meal the mom asked me in english if I liked Ecuador and I thought she said acorns and I even repeated it back to her and she said yes. So in spanish i said I'm not a squirrel and she looked at me so confused and asked me the question in spanish and i felt like a huge idiot haha  
Well onto the spiritual stuff. The family we taught last week cut down to 3 and the other part stopped showing up. but these 3 are dynamite! Me and my comp the other day invited the mom and daughter to the broadcast and they loved it! Seems like all you guys back home did too! Their fecha is for the 17th and I'm so jacked for it! They all believe what we teach to be true so I'm so pumped and happy for them!  
Pablo is a 16 yr old we teach. Everyday he cancels on us then goes to some other ward (boundaries is a huge issue here along with tithing which is why they don't have a temple) he texted us last week says he's moving to the other ward and meeting with those missionaries instead. So my guess is he has a bae in that ward haha. But for real I was upset cuz I walked no joke 5 miles up a dirt hill to his house for him to decide 2 weeks later he doesn't want to meet with us. As long as he gets baptized in the correct ward I'm happy!  
Well I'm out of time. MOM I promise I'll send my volcano news on Monday! It's nothing to worry about we are completely safe! I just really want it to blow!  
I love you all tons! Thanks for the love and support! 

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