Monday, October 5, 2015

I Believe Nephi was a "Ponderizer"

Well to explain the subject line - everyone while watching conference died laughing at Elder Durrant's talk because is ponderizer even a word? Idk could be dumb mission humor that I'm already picking up on, haha. 

Anyways I decided I'll write my big email first for once instead of last so this way it's good and mom is happy. 
To answer your questions mom about Coto Paxi it's just smoking right now. Everyone predicts "oh its going to erupt next week" but here I am about to start week 5 and still no eruption. Hopefully it does though before I leave this sector, but I believe I'll be here past Christmas which I'm happy about so it's got a few months to go off. When it does go off all 4 volcanoes, which on a clear day I can see from my sector, will erupt. It will melt all the snow on the volcanoes and all the near by cities will be flooded. Like I've said in previous emails I live on top of a mountain so we are 100% safe no matter where I'm at in my sector. We will just receive ash. But I have to carry around this mask and goggles everyday in my bag. I took a picture wearing it so I'll send that to you all.
Well this week was good. The Toapanta family is doing good! The whole family came to conference yesterday which we were all jacked about, but unfortunately we have to change their fecha (baptismal date) to the 24th because their son Steven only has 1 assistance (attendance at sacrament meeting) and the mom and daughter have 2 and we want them to get baptized on the same day. Their son Steven had a very bizarre dream and asked if dreams mean anything. I'm not really sure exactly, but in his dream there was this tiny Mexican person and he was on his stomach wearing a sombrero and he woke up freaked out. He told his mom he wanted to move out after that. So the mom was way bummed when we visited saying that Steven wanted to move out, but they worked it out and he's staying. Luckily our member we brought along had a similar dream once, but I had no idea what he said. Neither did my companion, so hopefully it was good haha. Anyways I didn't say a single thing this lesson because I, no joke, understood about 5% of what was being said. Luckily though Steven didn't blame the dream on us and still wants to be baptized. 

On to Rafael. Man this guy is a character. He's Chilean so I don't understand what he says but its all good. Anyways he cant say either one of our names. He calls my companion "Berman" and its Belnap. I died laughing cuz when we visited him last he went "Berman superman" and did the one thing superman does and I was like what is going on. He calls me "Wilch" with the hardest "ch" but he's close with my name. We got Rafael to accept fecha but he didn't come to church. I told my comp we need to talk to him so hopefully that gets done this week.
On to Hermano Nelson. Let me give you some back up on this guy. He's about 60 or so and I'm like 100% certain he has autism, but some missionaries decided to baptize hiand now he's less active and hasn't come to church since being confirmed 2 years ago. So every time we go teach him my companion uses it as an opportunity for me to practice my lessons. Every question I ask he without a doubt will say . I taught him lesson 2 and we taught him the kingdom of glories and after I was quizzing him and I swear he didn't listen at all. I asked him after reading straight out of the folleto about the Terrestrial Kingdom "Who goes to the Terrestrial Kingdom?" he says . my comp goes no hermano who lives in the Terrestrial Kingdom and he goes "sí Jesus" I was like yeah Jesus will visit there but he doesn't live there. Anytime you ask him to read a scripture he will keep reading until you stop him so you really have to follow along. And afterwards when you ask him about the scripture he starts reading it again. I honestly feel so bad for him. This guy knows nothing about the church and I get very frustrated with those missionaries that baptized him after each lesson with him. 
Anyways this was my week and who I taught. We went to this cool waterfall, but the hike there was worse than Joey D trail of tears walk. Seriously it was long. Anyways I'm doing good! Conference was great and I actually took notes and didn't fall asleep so you probably wouldn't recognize me anymore.
I love you all tons! talk to you next week!

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