Monday, October 26, 2015

Working hard

So this week was pretty good. Before I get into the church related stuff I figured I would say a few other things. 

So to start the change we did divisions with our zone leaders and so I left our sector and went to theirs. It was good I got to meet a Muslim they are teaching who has this HUGE chicken fighting arena in his barn and he raises chickens and sells them for like $100 and then people bet and fight them there. Pretty crazy but his family is way cool and they are progressing really well! More about these divisions. The zone leader I stayed with is HUGEEEE (that means a lot coming from me.) He's on his last 2 changes so he bought a squat rack a couple changes ago and he lifts every night and morning. So that night we decided to do legs and abs. My goodness legs back home wasn't fun, so I don't know why I thought they would be here, but I was actually dead the next couple days. haha we were also up until 1 lifting so I was dead tired too when we woke up the next morning and lifted again. Next thing. At papa johns they have an all you can eat so after a zone meeting me and my comp challenged them to see who could eat more. It was teams thank goodness. Anyways so the bet was losing team had to buy milk and oreos for the others and announce it in front of the zone that we lost. So we go there and get started I'm going strong so is my comp but Mr. jacked man was going to town. So at about 13ish pieces I was pretty full. I ended up putting down 5 more to give us the lead by 2. To make a long story short, we tied at 39 pieces a team. So after that the big boy zone leader went to the bathroom and threw up what he put down 24. We started walking to a cita and I was like nope I'm done and went and threw up too. My comp as we were walking to another cita threw up and so did the other zone leader haha. So we tied and all threw up so not really worth it but it was still pretty fun. Brought me back to the good ol days eating all the Deans pizza. Good stuff
So onto the church related stuff. So Thursday after I threw up we went and taught hermano Nelson. Well let me rephrase that, I taught Nelson while my comp went to sleep. So I taught him for about 40 minutes by myself and then woke my comp up and left. You don't understand how hard that was because every question you ask this guy he says sí. Ive been trying to figure out where he works for weeks. that's the first question I ask him and I haven't figured it out yet. But Sunday I was feeling pretty discouraged because everyone said they couldn't come and when I called nelson he agreed to come to church! I was honestly so pumped haha because the guy has come like 2 times in 2 years! So he came and sat by us and I was honestly so happy.
We teach the Toapanta family every Tuesday Thursday Saturday at 8 so if you every wonder what I'm doing I'm at their house teaching. So Saturday night we watched only a stone cutter with them and I shared a scripture about our dedication to the Lord. Afterwards my comp asked them if they were coming to church tomorrow and they said probably not because they had something to do that morning. I had so much I wanted to say, but couldn't say anything because I cant speak. I just wanted to let them know whats up and take some notes out of the "Tyler book" and just start being more bold. I told my companion I don't think we are handling these situations that well. I think when they don't read and pray we cant keep just brushing it off. I told him I'm going home and I'm figuring out how these conjugations work and then I'm going to let them know that they cant keep doing this. Honestly Saturday night was the saddest I've been since I left everyone back home. They just don't understand! Not one of our investigators understands the importance of church attendance. The importance of prayer. The importance of reading the scriptures, then pondering, then praying. No one. But they will this week because this isn't going to keep going on. I promise you guys next time I write home I will have had an investigator at church.
I love you guys and know this church is true! Talk to you next week

So like I said last week, I lost my plaque so I made one out of a pizza box - this is it 

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