Monday, September 14, 2015

Week One in El Campo Down!

Well a lot has happened, but not at the same time. I got here and got my companion (he's from Idaho, loves sports, and is a norte!) I got very lucky with my companion! My mission president is the bomb. 

Okay so about my week. I'm in Los Chillos which is right outside Quito! I love the area. It's huge and a lot of work to be done. When I got here we had no investigators so we got to work! SOOOO much contacting it's ridiculous! Anyways we got about 8 new real investigators to work with right now! My area is super high so you can bet I'm exhausted by 9. We take tons of buses! 
Oh also guess what? My companions favorite food is slachi papas which is a hot dog and fries. Ive just been ordering solo papas. So just french fries. We have a less active who has his meeting with the bishop (who is never there at church btw) to make him an official member again! Today I woke up so sick and with the worst headache of my life! I threw up soooooo much this morning and have a fever of 102 so I'm not allowed to do anything today:( anyways hopefully I'm better tomorrow! Pray for me! I love you all so much!  

Sorry for the short letter I only had 15 minutes bc I was stuck at the office all day with the nurses :( 

BTW mom my package isn't here. Hopefully next week!

I live right next to Coto Poxy and it's about to blow! This is going to be awesome!

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