Thursday, September 3, 2015

Last PDay in the MTC, yo!

Although it's been nine veryyyy long days since I last wrote you i have about as much to say as I did last time I wrote. to start, on my tour I bought this bottle made out of a cow foot and I filled it up with water and was using it here at the CCM and I got in trouble with presidente because apparently they use that for alcohol down here. So I probably didn't look very good when they guy gave me a discount on it and said for the church I'll give it to you for that price haha. yikes. 
My companion's name is Elder Galan. He is from Guatemala or as he says Gutabuena. dumb joke I correct him every time. He's pretty nice but hes the first Latino I've meet with an ego. He thinks he's pretty know it all and speaks super fast Spanish to me even tho I tell him every time you talk to me slow. He says something slow then 5 minutes later its fast again. so i usually just speak English to him and then he stops talking. Hes our district leader which is cool, but he calls on me every single time in class to say the prayer or spiritual thought. It's like homie my vocab in Spanish is like 10 words i don't know what to say. We started teaching too this week and he would speak the whole time and i said we need more unity. so the next lesson he had me speak the whole time. i was like thanks for letting me talk but that's not unity. he is teaching me Disney songs in Spanish tho which is cool cuz you all know I love Disney! 
Anyways I'm running out of time so I'l give you the highlight of this week. This week with my new companion and my new district and Spanish EVERYTHING I got super depressed! The only thing keeping me from begging to go home was Ivy to be honest and what she told me on our last date. I prayed so hard I said "Heavenly Father if I am supposed to be here please let me know and when I receive an answer please help me to know that that is my answer." The next day someone gave a spiritual thought and shared Matthew 21 [correction: John 21] about feeding his sheep. I felt the spirit so strong and a feeling come over me saying I need to be here and feed the Lords sheep. As hard as it is here and as much as I'd rather be home with every single person I love like I was just 6 weeks ago, I know I need to be here now! 

I have a few minutes so I would like to tell you there is a stupid rooster outside my window that wakes me up at 5 everyday and doesn't stop till 6 so I just lay in bed for ever without sleep it is so annoying. 

Also with this being my last letter in the CCM I would like to let you know that a friend of mine here had a friend leave this CCM and go to Quito the day we got here and has already been robbed twice!  So keep me in your prayers, haha

I love you all sooooo much, but I need to feed some sheep! idk when I'll write you next, but I love you all! 

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