Tuesday, August 25, 2015

4 Weeks In!

Man tell you what, this was a tough week! anyways I would like to start off by saying when I get written emails call me by Matthew or Matt haha! I know the Lord recognizes me as elder but I never thought I would miss being called by my real name so much! anyways on friday we went tracting in Bogota surr area! It was cool but for some reason every time we go tracting I get super homesick because I think, wow this is my life for the next two years haha. But anyways we had two and a half hours this time instead of one like my first time. When we got there it wasn't as ghetto as I thought! I was a little bummed I was like Ive been obedient send me somewhere scary haha. Then I walked down a few alleys and decided yup this is good enough. But the day started out slow. The first 20 minutes everyone we said hi to said no gracias and I was like que es esto haha. No but for real it was a bummer. Then I told my companion they didn't give us any restrictions sooooo lets go over the bridge that crosses the highway and try over there. We get over and he said i don't think we should be over here so we decided to make the trip worth it lets talk to one person! So we talked to these two guys and they were awesome! i didn't understand a lot but what's awesome down here is you ask if the believe in Christ and they say si claró haha so that's awesome. But anyways we talked to these two guys for about 20 minutes and I gave out a Book of Mormon to them! Which they always ask how much they cost which is funny for some reason. Anyways the day went on not much more success only got 6 contacts so I was kinda bummed about that. But we were walking down the street and someone say my tag and goes Jesus Christ? and we were like sí somos misioneros and he just crosses himself and walks away haha so weird but funny at the same time. 
Friday to saturday I had a dream of home, not like that's uncommon, but they haven't been happening for a while, so I woke up so sad! I was like ugh common I'm sick and tired of all these psych outs! I miss you all so much. But that made saturday and sunday morning really hard! Not much happened saturday, but sunday was good! Each sunday we have the same lesson in priesthood every other week so that was my second time hearing that lesson. But that night we watched The Testament which is funny because earlier that week I was remembering a movie where the second coming was happening and all these rocks and caves were collapsing and then we watched that movie I was like whoa that's weird haha! anyways that movie is way good! Except the Jesus they casted in that movie is not what I picture him looking like! haha. 
Monday was my last day in my huge room we got blessed with that has three showers and 10 bunk beds and my last day in my district and with my companion. Later that night we watched a video of one of elder Holland's talks over a video of the atonement happening. I started tearing up and was like dang I'm terrible. I need to be a better missionary and work harder! Such a good video! 
Today however was wicked awesome! First we went to the temple but it was in Spanish so I was like ummm what the heck I don't know when to do anything so I'll just follow everyone else haha. After we went on a tour! The tour was so cool! We rode a gondola up sooooo high (which btw the elevation here is brutal!! whats Ohio's at? Because we are like 8500 ft up and I die playing soccer!) But anyways there were a lot of insane views of Bogota and a lot of cool shops! I took lots of pictures that I'll send! I also ate a fried ant cause elder Niu bought them! Never in my life have I eaten something so nasty! I was gaging for like five minutes on the bus ride home! I still feel kinda sick and I did that like 2 hours ago! 
Anyways that was my week! oh yeah I got my new native companion! He's super nice but I forget his name so I'll tell you next week! He's from Guatemala and speaks a little bit of English! He saw me and gave me the biggest hug! This should be a fun two weeks! Oh and btw I got really downgraded on my room I'll send a picture next week! haha love you all

Élder Matthew Welch

 Here's what a fried ant looks like!

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