Friday, August 7, 2015

First Week!

First of all you guys all claim to be praying for me but this has been the hardest week of my entire life! So Tuesday we checked in around 12 midnight here so 1 am back home. we got our companions, which I love mine, and went to sleep. The next day all we did was just sit around and wait for interviews and to get our name tags  and then watched the district the rest of the day. Thursday I talked to presendente about my homesickness and basically told me all my feelings were foolish. Haha harsh, but I guess true. But I've been praying to have a desire to be here everyday and it's starting to get better. Friday we went to the temple. ITS HUGEEEEEEEE. So weird going to a multiple story temple haha. But sadly it's my last temple session in English until 2017. saturday I don't know what happened so sunday we had a fast and testimony meeting. I was starving - it's the longest I've ever fasted! My Spanish wasn't good enough to go up there so I just sat there all confused for an hour. In priesthood we practiced blessings. I got to consecrate and anoint in spanish in front of all the elders haha. Monday I don't know what happened. Tuesday was a regular day until we watched a devotional by Russell M Nelson that he gave in Provo and that day was seriously so lucky. It had a good impact on me. 
So this MTC is so small. Its about 50 yds by 45 yds and outside maybe 100 by 75. There are only like 80 people here. My classroom that I'm in for 14 hrs a days is about 10 yds by 10 yds. But here at this MTC we go into a immersion experience which is the first two weeks they teach Spanish. week 3 and 4 the teachers don't speak any english and week 5 and 6 we get Latino companions. so I basically have 5 more days before I'm completely screwed to learn Spanish. Ive already learned a lot though. This has been so hard for me being here. I'm extremely homesick and I miss everyone. I miss our food. I literally eat a hot dog and rice for every meal. So I think only Nixon would like this. I pray to get a desire to be here everyday. I'm praying about the BOM and doing everything I can to be the best missionary I can be. I have to think about how I feel and imagine this homesickness for eternity and that's how the people of Ecuador will feel if they don't accept this gospel. 

I love and miss you all so much! Hope you have a great week! Talk to you all on Tuesday!

Bautizar Conversos

Elder Welch

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