Wednesday, August 12, 2015

Week 2 in the Books!

Man this week went by actually pretty fast! All of the 6 weekers and Latinos left at 3 in the AM so there are like 30 of us here right now. A new shipment of missionaries get in around 12 tonight! 

So instead of going by each day like last letter I'll just talk about what we did in a big jumble mess! 
So Friday we got to leave this prison also known as the CCM and go tracting! Me and my companion (Elder Zesiger, 19 years old as of yesterday, from Ogden Utah, is about 5'7") everyone asked a lot about him - he's cool though and we get along great. But anyways, we went tracting just me and him and I gave out my first book of Mormon! crazy I know, and I understood about 30% of what was being said, but at points I felt the spirit prompting me what to say with my little vocabulary or what to open to in the scriptures for him to read and answer his questions! It's crazy how true the gift of tongues is. All you have to do is open your mouth and the Lord will fill it with what he needs you to say! Even if that means speaking a language that you have no idea how to speak! Huge testimony builder! 

We finished teaching our fake investigator yesterday. The teachers pretend to be investigators from their missions and you teach them, and once its all over they tell you more about them. Mine was so easy. This lady had a lot of life struggles with her husband being in jail and her having a boyfriend and stuff. Apparently where she served both the husband and wife had to want a divorce and he didn´t so she was stuck with him. We told her until she gets a divorce (which she should bc he was in jail for beating her up) she had to break up with her boyfriend. She called and did it in the middle of our lesson and even though it was fake I never felt more uncomfortable! haha but she was awesome. Her name was Silvia and she obeyed every single commandment without much hesitation. I'm excited to bless families lives like this teacher blessed Silvia's. 

I cant figure out how to send picturesssss...... so lo siento 
Ive made some really good friends here. I enjoy being here about 65% of the time. Then when I lay in bed at night I start thinking, I'd much rather be sleeping on a couch than this bed that I'm scared is going to collapse on me and kill me! Which reminds me - I started playing would you rather with my companion and got to the question, "would you rather die or be in the MTC for the rest of your life?"  My companion and whole room chose death so that was comforting haha. Except for one. He is literally the exact definition of the Elder in the "Best Two Years". He already wants an extension and his humor reminds me of dads. So that means forced laughs come after jokes. haha but anyways hes a great example of a missionary and knows his stuff well. 

A lot of good is happening here. Everyday I end my journal with I'm excited I'm here even if it is forced. I want to be here. I want to serve my Heavenly Father. I want people to know how much Christ loves them. How simple it is to return to Our Heavenly Father. Anyways the church is true! I'm ready to finally Bautizar Conversos! 

Love you all! 

√Člder Welch!

PS for breakfast all we had was two hot dogs. idk know how many more of these I can eat. I feel like Joey Chestnut up in here 

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