Thursday, August 20, 2015


The other day I started thinking about that during a devotional and just started laughing to myself. I thought of Brittany saying it and it was just really funny. honestly in the past nine days I haven't left the fence besides this morning. This morning we went to the temple. It was lots of fun and I'm trying to soak it all in bc I cant go once I leave Colombia... bummer. Anyways ummmmm this week I made a day in the life video so ill send that to mom in a separate letter. but tonight we have a seventy coming and speaking. I didn't know they knew this tiny place existed haha. I have no idea who is coming bc in all reality I don't think people know the names of the seventy but maybe that will change on the mission. This week really wasn't that great. Me and my closest friends here started a soccer team and we play everyday. We joke around to each other that we are starting to understand our real purpose of our missions which is to play soccer and be immersed with the Latinos so we can play like them. I cant think of much to write cuz not much happened. The language gets harder everyday. Sometimes I get made fun of for not understanding cuz no teachers speak in English. each day i have to speak an hour more of Spanish then i did the previous day so tomorrow i have to speak 12 hours of Spanish.... ummmm scary. next tuesday i go on a tour of Colombia so if you don't hear from me its because I probably died. I get my Latino companion next wednesday so I'm soaking up the norte compainion. I go tracting tomorrow in bogota sur mission. aka the slums so I might get stabbed so possibly see you all soon! haha just kidding but I'm excited! I love you all sorry this letter was terrible it'll be better tuesday I promise! I love you all! I know this is what I need to be doing I pray for you all daily! Keep me in your prayers too!

PS if you guys remember elder and sister Niu from our ward, their nephew is here and we are going to the same mission so that's neat! 

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