Monday, May 1, 2017

"yo soy tranquilo pero también soy una bestia"

So this week was pretty good. On Sunday last week the branch president said in branch council "it's going to be a good week" and I started thinking "well it sure can't get worse than the week we just had".  He was right, it was a lot better. 
To start off, if you are ever debating about getting a haircut from a trany, dont do it.  You might be wondering why would I ever go and get a haircut from a trany? Well I didn't know he/she was a trany. I thought it was just an ugly woman. Then I sat down and she asked me how I wanted my hair cut and I just about stood up and left cuz of his or her voice. Not only that she was a trany, but she also did a craptastic job. Hopefully it grows before I get home so i don't look like a pinhead. 
Then at lunch I decided I would eat half of a chicken. So i told the guy to give me 2 plates of a 1/4 of a chicken and he looked at me all confused and said but your friend just bought a lunch?... So i looked at him and basically said "I know what i'm about". I took that down like a champ. (Btw if you don't get that reference, watch parks and rec) 
So the week was awesome! Started out with lots of lessons and lots of new investigators! YEEEEEEEEEEEEEEAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA BUDDYYYYYYYYYYYYY!!!!!! It was actually awesome. Not to mention one of the new investigators we taught owns a clothing store and she gave me a free tie. You know I sucked up to her the next lesson and wore the tie. She so came to church this sunday too so that's a first here in Tena for me!!!! We also were able to get the branch president to come out with us this week so it was awesome even though we literally, i'm not exaggerating at all, didn't say a word in 3 straight lessons. Its okay though because all 3 were to less actives. 
So you remember the investigator that dropped us and I said I would follow up with you with what happened? Well this is what happened. I called him all week and he never answered.  He too was in finals. So yesterday we knocked on his door and I basically said what I told you all I was going to say. Then I bore my testimony of the Book and my companion bore his testimony. Im not gonna lie, I thought he was going to let us in, but he just said thank you and i'll read the Book this week. Im happy though because we have officially done all we can with him until he decides to listen again. 
So on saturday we did a service project helping a family move houses. I dont know who took more advantage of my muscles mom or my companion because I carried just about everything heavy (the fridge, washing machine, all the couch parts, etc.).  The worst part of the service project is I got the harder side every single time. Not cool. 
Its going to be a good week this week. My crock game is still going strong so thats how I know. I love being a missionary! 

PS- so we taught a less active and he started like whipping his kids with an extension cord for apparently "bad behavior" when they weren't doing anything actually.  He started yelling while whipping them "yo soy bien tranquilo pero también soy una bestia" It will now probably be one of my new threats along with daddy forgot to feed the children. 

yes that was probably the most uncomfortable I have ever felt in my life. Almost just got up and left but I got scared of being whipped as well so I was on way good behavior.

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