Monday, May 8, 2017

"Know, Do, Become"

Pretty good week in Tena. Only one day this week we went without a lesson so thats how you know it was a success. Also we had an asistence of 54 yesterday so thats pretty ballin! 
So last night the missionaries in the district slept the night over at our house because we had to leave at 3 in the morning to get to Baños for a zone activity. So one of them fell asleep at like 9:30 and so i ran and jumped on his bed and he literally flipped. I think I scared him like hard core cuz he threw his journal and his pen across the room and then I thought he was gonna punch me in the face. So basically I learned dont wake people up from sleeping by jumping on their beds. Its still pretty awkward between us now...
So last night we had interviews with pte and they went super well. I always learn a lot from him. I'm gonna miss these interviews. So anyways I talked to him about personal study and how he learns so much and gets so much out of the bible. I was asking how I could learn and get more out of my studies and if I had to learn German to read the bible to get the true translation. He then told me dont worry about it too much. He then quoted the line upon line scripture and said the Lord will guide us in our studies and help us learn. What we have to do is apply what we know. He then quoted saying "you need to know, then do, and then become" So i invite you guys all to apply that to your lives. You have to really apply what you are learning in your studies so that you can become more like our Savior. 
Sorry the letter was short. hope it made sense! Hopefully we can have a super hyphy skype this sunday:) 

I got the whole back row to myself traveling this past week. Decided I would take a selfie

This is probably a dream location for dustin. The virgin that looks over Baños

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