Monday, May 22, 2017

"BYU Nursing Program Saves the Day!"

So it was a pretty good week. I consumed a lot of pizza and shrimp this week so it was cool but man do I feel icky girl. Currently eating some cookies while writing this... CANT STOP WONT STOP! 
So this week we were able to go to Baños and do meaningless divisions. I say meaningless because my zone leader told me "i'm not even telling president about these divisions. 1. its week 6 and 2. you go home in 3 more weeks so i doubt it even matters" So literally meaningless but they were way fun! After we taught some peeps we went and did an all you can eat. Im proud of myself cuz I took down 14 pieces but i could have done better but they took too long to bring the pieces out. mi parcero aka my companion, took down 11 and started throwing up in the street so it was actually pretty funny. I was laughing pretty hard because it was literally right in downtown Baños in the middle of the street. 
Also some member called us this week and goes "elders, i want to take you guys out to eat. Come to Choquitos." So yeah we went there and MAMA it was a rich place. Im sure it wasnt that rich but anywhere where there isnt plastic chairs you think is a rich place but she did feed us like kings! She told us to get whatever we wanted and then after that made us buy another plate and then after that said lets go get ice cream. In total she spent like $130 on us. Maybe it doesnt sound like that crazy but keep in mind Ecuador is A LOT cheaper than the states. I was actually full those two nights which hurt so good. 
We taught Rafeal. Sadly he didnt accept fechya but when we invited him he started talking about this little boy he gave soup to. Hes a funny guy. He just doesnt get it
So to explain the craziness of sunday, this is what happened. So we walked in typical like 8:45 and there was just the branch presidents family the other missionaries, and like one other family were there. So we are starting the meeting at 9 with a total of like 25 people. The out of no where a super tall white woman walks in. Then another. Then another until about 35 byu students were in the congregation. It was honestly crazy! Supposedly they are BYU nursing students and the are here in our sector helping out with a group called charity. So this week we are going to go and help translate for them. Should be interesting because my medical terms in spanish are sort of limited. 
We also had changes last night. My companion is just moving to the other sector in Tena and my new companion is Elder Navia. Hes from Bolivia and has about a year in the mission. Should be a super fast change... We also got the list of all 350 less actives yesterday so these next 3 weeks will be consisted of finding those lost sheep. 
I love this work. Its awesome being a missionary! Thanks for all the love and support. Im doing great!

Heres me in that super awesome restaurant 

Heres me with a Llama. Its a lot cooler than any cat

Heres me eating pizza 

Heres me with the zona Oriente ( i know its super small. Its about less then half of a regular zone) 

 my hard core piano performance I put on for the zone

my comp and I outside of Rafeals house after a lesson. It was raining super hard so I didnt want to get too wet cuz im without an umbrella so we waited it out 

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