Monday, May 15, 2017


I ran into Rafeal today, the crazy cross eyed investigator we have that I was telling you all about yesterday, while he was working. He started screaming "WELXSH, WELXSHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!" I didn't hear it but my companion did so we went and talked to him for a bit and he told me the reason I didn't hear him is because in the states it makes a lot of noise. He´s doing great though. We have a cita with him this week and hopefully he actually understands something this time and also hopefully we get some more funny stories from him! 
It was awesome to talk to you all yesterday. A little weird to bare my testimony in english but I was happy to see you all and to know that you are all doing good. Especially cool to see Goldie! 
Anyways, I don't have anything new to share but the Gospel is true, I know what I'm doing is very important.
I love you all! Thanks for all the love and support.

Elder Welch

I too had a Hank the water tank water bottle. A dog jumped on me and scared me and I dropped it so it broke

If you see where the clumper of lights are in the background thats where I was. We walked up that big hill and I sweated and they werent home so I wanted to sit down 

Thats the amazon river

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