Monday, July 4, 2016

525,600 minutes!!

haha i started singing that song and then realized i have a latino companion that doesnt know english so i had to make a remix and sing it in spanish. English version is better. 
So this week was pretty rough and i aint lying. So to start let me tell you why. First i lost my agenda in a taxi. My companion hasnt been writing anything down so all of our planned lessons i didnt remember and all the contacts we have done gone. I am now getting on him about writing down EVERYTHING! Second, I lost the freaking cell phone. Man was i tickled about that. Just too much this week for me to handle haha. I have also been having a lot of headaches due to a LOT of stress!
So its going ight here in latacunga. We have no progressing investigators and havent since Galo got baptized. I feel like ive been working so hard like harder than i have my whole mission and nothing. Its very frustrating. I dont know what is needed to be learned out of this experience, but like i said in an email a couple weeks ago, you gotta choose to be happy. Despite all the very very frustrating things that have happened to me this week, ive been trying to stay positive and just laugh it all off even tho its not funny at all. I dont like losing my temper anymore for that i had to stop playing chess with my last comp haha. The mission is really teaching me so much. Ive never been more paciente in my life. Its a goal i made at the beginning of the year with president which was to be more positive. Theres no reason to be negative on the mission.
Work wise, we have the fam andrade. Once again didnt show. This reasoning was pretty garbage it was they were at a party and the husband got drunk and they didnt get home till 4 am. Honestly I love this family and know there is potential. We just need to keep working with them and following their needs and eventually they will come around. The spirit is present in these lessons, they just arent doing their part. I know eventually though they will get baptized. When, i dont know.
As a zone we have a zone cita. Its the Joseph Smith quote of "after everything thats been said, the most important duty is to preach the gospel" (almost positive i butchered that. I only memorized it in spanish). Its really actually such a powerful quote. Whenever your day is just garbage and you wanna just sit down and die cuz you are so tired of walking up and down hills all day you think, this is the most important thing in the world. I need to do my part. Besides i only got 525600 minutes to do this full time!
I love my calling and the opportunity i have to help these ecuadorians. Thanks so much for the birthday wishes and all that jazz. Happy late birthday to tyler and early birthday to boston! Hope all is going well! I love you all! Talk to you next week 

So there was a cool mountain biking contest here. I decided to take a Dan Jones foto of me preaching the gospel to some of the crowd 

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