Monday, July 11, 2016

Really Late Birthday Celebration for Matt!

To explain yeah I'm some members got some festivities for me after pday! So it should be fun! 

So with last weeks email I explained the bad luck ive been having these past couple days. Well the bad luck continued. I was playing with a soccer ball on our patio and kicked it onto our neighbors roof. Still havent got that back. Then onTuesday we were visiting a less active thats about 14 and he was playing soccer in his store with his cousin and i kicked a freaking HUGE hole in this glass case haha. I like held my foot once i heard glass shatter and it was inside the freaking case haha. I had to go buy a new vidrio to put in and i bought the wrong size. Lucky it fit another area in the store that was broken and didnt have to buy a new one but it still wasted like 4 hours and some money. My comp told me to get rid of my bad luck i needed to shower with salt and sugar. So i did it. Let me tell you what. IT WORKED!!! If you guys are ever in a slump just do that and itll work. I even got the cell phone back that i lost last sunday! WOOOOOO

Okay to start about the work, Its been pretty rough im not gonna lie. There have been some spiritual things happening and some experiences where its like youre lucky i dont know my bible well enough to just make you cry right now. Other then that im lovin it. Every sunday night though i get pretty frustrated with the numbers for the week. SO i made a goal with my comp to find 7 new investigators this week. The goal is one a day. Ive decided im not just settling for the recent convert lessons, which are good but thats all we have, and im hittin doors all day if its necessary to find that one new investigator for the day. Now, you might be thinking, door knocking= not effective, but in this mission it is! We are baptizing 47% from contacting. Thats more than any other method. I truly believe in contacting and as a lot of people say talking to everyone. I know the Lord will put people in our way to teach and help progress when we show Him more diligence in trying to find.

To end, I was reading the book of mormon the other day and came across a scripture that i really liked. I dont remember where its at but Alma is talking to one of his sons. He starts explaining about the laminitas and how the Lord is going to preserve them because eventually they will be converted. Now that got me pumped up! I read that verse and right after we did weekly planning and thats where I made the goal to find. I truly believe SOOOO many of theseEcuadorians are descendants of the Laminitas and the Lord is preparing them for us. We just gotta do our part.

The work is rough and we are basically starting all over again investigator wise. But thats okay because i know something great is going to come out of this week and im excited to see the Lords help as we try to bring more souls to Him.

I love you guys and im grateful for your letters! I have pictures, but i just got back from a zone activity and dont have my cord to upload the pictures cuz i havent been home yet. You'll get double next week! I love you all! Have a great week! 

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