Monday, July 18, 2016

Salí con Dios. Si no regreso, me fui con Él

Ive decided when i cant think of a good subject ill put a wicked awesome bumper sticker I have read here. So far, this is the most commonly used.

This past week we were waiting for Galo to show up and we found a bike outside. I found a lot of cinderblocks and I made a ramp. It did not turn out to well for my companion the 2 attempts he tried. I told him he had to pick up the front wheel or he would flip but he did his own thing and he flipped. The second fall I got on video. Unfortunately i cant send videos home cuz they are too big, so i took a screenshot of a part of the fall. It was great and i laughed really hard haha

well with this past saturday behind us and that day being exactly the half way point of my mission, I am officially on the back 9. I played pretty well on the front 9 with a few bapts and rescues and of course i got myself a couple blisties, but i can play better.
So this week i was reading in Alma a lot about Moroni and the wars and stuff. Yeah i have read those chapters before, but ive never read them as a missionary. It was awesome. I got so pumped up while reading those to just get jacked out of my mind. So ive been going super hard in the mornings and started my new diet. Its basically impossible to count your macros here on the mission so that one wont work so i decided the new diet im on is the Word of Wisdom haha. I heard Christ followed it like to the max and he never got sick. So i figured i would give it a try and see how it goes. If i wanna play better on the back 9 i cant afford getting sick. Ill let you know every now and then how its going.
This past week I went so freaking hard in the paint! We knocked about over 300 doors this week and played with a lot of dogs. But we unfortunately fell short of the goal of a new every single day. However, we do have at least 1 very sure investigator and another that will progress if we can find him a friend in the church. So we have some work to do but there is a lot more to do. Ive studied the map thats in my house for a few hours and ive made a couple new plans this week of where we need to go! Im super excited to try these out and to hit some more doors and save some souls! 
The investigator that is progressing his name is Alex Vargas. Hes super cool and hes best friends with our old pensionistas twin boys. Hes 16 and shows a lot of promise! He loves to pray and he said hes looking for the true church. We got the permission from his parents to teach him more now they know that we arent testigos. Im super happy with his desire to pray and listen to us! Hopefully you will see a picture of him in white within a few weeks!
So one of the plans we came up with is the ward plays soccer friday nights on the church canchas. Alex was there and he had a lot of fun. The members want us bringing more members so that is 100% fine by me because it will help the progress of our investigators and I get to play soccer. Hopefully it works great! I think it will
Thanks so much for your letters. You guys are awesome and i hope you all have a fun week playing the new pokeman game. Everyone knows about it here but it only works in the states. I heard theres one on everest so good luck with that one! But I love you guys and hope you all are doing great! 

the Avila families cake for me haha 

belt ZIPLINEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE did not work I have more pictures but my time is up. I started 15 minutes before i had to go and they didnt download in time. Ill go to a fast cyber next time. I love you guys! I still got plently more pictures! 

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