Monday, July 25, 2016

Pitch perfect: élder welch brings j-biebs back

So this past friday was a pretty good day! I was really happy about what we could get done in our short work day. So Alex accepted fecha for the 13 and so did Kevin. Although that doesn't sound like that big of a deal, that's the first time someone in our sector has accepted fecha for about 4 weeks so i was pumped even though they both fell on sunday. Other than that, our ward did a show de talentos. With how typical of Ecuador it was, they ran out of talents after about an hour so they just started calling people out. They called some people out and they left to go practice in another room. Then they called on an hermana who sang primary hymns in english and spanish. Then my name creeps up "welch, welch, welch, welch!" So i played it cool. I went up talked to the DJ and got things rollin. The intentions were to out-do myself when i did "ill be there" on the cruise. I was planning to bring high-pitch matt back. I didnt quiet out-do myself on the cruise, but i did bring the house down and got chanted for an encore. I brought JBiebs to the Latacunga building. I brought the pitch, i brought the moves, I even brought Ludacris with me when I dominated "baby" by JBiebs. My moves were killer. I am officially known as Elder Bieber in the ward now. 
So as far as work goes its going ight. We are working super hard and not seeing very many fruits but I know they will eventually grow on this tree that I'm planting here in Latacunga! So last week dad and dustin wrote me about alma 21-24 i think it was of Ammons converts. How they built there testimony in Christ and they never fell away. So I decided I would capacitate on that on thursday in the district meetings. We are all taught at the beginning of the mission to baptize converts, and how do we do that? we teach and preach and testify of Christ and invite others to follow Him. So an activity we did is we went through lessons 1-4 and counted the number of times it mentioned Christ or one of His nicknames. It was a TON! I forgot to write down the exact number of times in my agenda but it was a lot. We then did practices having to teach a principle in a lesson and use His name the same number of times predicad does. I think it was a really good practice to help us remember our purpose and to help us have converts in Christ not in any other reason! 
A couple other things happened this week that I loved. So I was reading alma 60 and was reminded of a capacitation that the APs gave in a zone conference one time about cleaning our vessels first from the inside and the outside will be pure too. I really loved it. Ill keep what i learned to myself this week and invite you guys to read it and share something with me about what you learned from it! Another thing that happened was my comp got pretty sick one morning out of no where. So after studying for awhile and getting pretty bored after a couple hours, i went through all my pictures from where im at now, to the very beginning. It was so weird first of all to see how much I've changed outwardly, but also to see how much happier I look now in my mission then i was at the beginning. Its might be hard for you guys to see the difference if you went through my pictures but the mission has honestly changed my life. I always had a testimony, but not on a lot of gospel principles I do now. I understand so much more and i still have a lot more to learn! Tengo más deseos ahora a perseverar hasta el fin para que yo pueda llenar mi silla en el reino celestial con todos de mis queridos! The mission is awesome and I'm super excited to see you guys in 11 months! Im excited to see you all and how much you've grown and to show you all how much i have! Thanks for all you guys do! Thanks for all the letters. I love you all and will talk to you next week! maybe in a new sector also because we have changes this sunday!!!!

I also cut my comps hair and I messed up big time and just had to cut it all to a 0 hahaha. I thought I was qualified to cut a black people type hair but the fade is too hard haha 

The long awaited moment has come to an end! I finally ate guinea pig and I'm okay if I don't get it again! 

This is what the leg looks like

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