Monday, June 27, 2016

Season 9 Episode 1

So this past week was pretty good. I finally got a companion after 2 changes without one that likes to contact like me so I'm happy about that. We did a lot of it and although we didn't find a single new from contacts, we did get some news from references. I don't know if that's a sign we should stop, but based off the fact that our mission is baptizing a lot more from contacts then references I don't think it is haha. But It was a pretty decent week. 

Monday we taught a reference from a bishop in Spain. They are his cousins and a family of 4! Awesome huh? especially since our mission president said "every companionship should baptize a family of 4 every change." Really is awesome! Anyways they are the familia molina andrade. They are super cool and way welcoming. They told us on our first visit that we need to feel like a part of their family and I really do. They rock. So the husband is a bit stubborn but that's okay because hes allowed to be cause he has his agency. Its just he doesn't want to stop believing in the virgin. Its actually crazy how true the Book of Mormon is. Right now I'm reading in Alma and its talking about how Satan has such a grip on these people. So during that lesson i was just thinking of that. Its like why do you believe in the Virgin? Where does it say anything about that in the Bible? He said its how he was raised and doesn't want to change yet. So he denied our invitation to church. His wife is super awesome though! She accepted our invitation and said she would come but sadly didn't. I really have a lot of high hopes for this family. I think they will get baptized! They just need to come to church. 

Well since my companion left and took his MP3 player with all the talks and devotionals on them, I haven't had too many spiritual insights this week. Ive been reading a lot of the book of Mormon and I capacitated (translation: trained) on a successful missionary since it was the beginning of the change. Over all i think it went pretty well.
Week one down, yet the struggle to understand my companion continues! Haha hes such a goofy kid like he mumbles so much and its so funny because he just says stuff and starts laughing super hard and I'm laughing cuz his laugh is super different and funny, yes weirder then mine, and i have no idea what he just said. A lot of the members don't even understand him. Its okay though I'm getting better and i know its the Lords blessing of the gift of tongues. Ive never prayed so hard and much for that gift haha. 
I'm happy about this change. Although there has been a lot of awkward silences due to my speaker cord breaking and it being dead so having no music to cure the silence, its been good. We are working hard and got some people to work with but of course there is always room for more! 

Tomorrow I complete 11 months in the mission and next monday i only have exactly one year left in the mission. Its crazy how fast the first year has gone by and with the second year coming up and not having to face the hardest struggles again, language, mtc and homesickness, I know its going to go by even faster. I only got 372 days left to bring as many souls to the truth in Ecuador as i can! LESSSSSSSSSSS GOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!! 

My comps birthday was Tuesday. This is the sweet cake they got him cuz they couldn't find one haha 

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