Monday, June 13, 2016

Baptism = Success

So as you can see with the subject, the baptism went through! FINALLY!!! Let me tell you what, it was not an easy process.  After last weeks disaster of there being no power, there was this weeks disaster. We got the font going and it was cooking, warm water and coming fast with an easy fill after about 2 hours. Sadly, the water shut off again after 15 minutes, so we went to the hose again. That lasted about another 30 minutes. At this point we are on stair number two of the font. Nothing was working. We finally said a prayer and we got buckets and went to several restaurants looking. One giving us about a third of a bucket each, so yeah we ditched that one and tried some others till we found a good one. We each had a bucket and did about an hour of 50 yd farmer carries from the restaurant back to the church to the font. Tell you what, if I'm not ready for the crossfit games now, I don't know what I lack. After an hour we still only filled up half a stair. Then the bishop FINALLY shows up at like 7:15 and unlocks the lock to the huge water tank underground and we used that up until 7:30 when we were supposed to start the baptism. So we started late due to the difficulties. Then the baptism happens with FREEZING COLD WATER! But I expected that. There was also very little water, about 3 stairs to be exact, and our bishop was a witness for the ordinance. Right when Galo was about to go under the bishop told him to drop to a knee. Galo goes to one knee. Have you ever baptized someone like that? If so, why? If not, don't. It will be the hardest push to get them under in your life and he will go into a corner and it just looks weird. Why the bishop said to go to a knee to him, Idk. It was a very LONG and tiring process this baptism, but it is done. Now Galo Favion Mullo Wanalouisa is officially a member of the true church! WOOOOOO!!!!! Although the process was long and very tiring, I know our Heavenly Father answers our prayers! I was really happy, but very tired at the end of the night. 
After we went to say thank you to the restaurant lady, Nancy, and she is going through a lot of difficult times and was very receptive to have us come teach her! I feel like the Lord wasn't preventing us from having the baptism, but wanting us to go to this restaurant to help Nancy. If it wasn't for this font I don't think we ever would have found her. Its really crazy how the Lord works, but He does talk to His children and guides us! I'm excited to teach her tonight.
Other than that headache of a night, the week was ight. Im super ready to go out and just go all out this last week of the change cuz my comp has 4 changes here and is probably leaving and I don't wanna be left without a program and also because its my calling to do so! Please pray for our success, cuz these people need what I's got! I love my calling!
Thanks for the emails! I love you guys a lot! Have a great week, go cavs, and I'll talk to you all next week! 

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