Monday, June 20, 2016

Choose Happiness

So this past week was a little crazy and not too much work was done due to a lot of travels and stuff like that. Also my companion was a little burnt out after 4 changes in this sector haha. But anyways we still worked!  
So the other day, saturday to be exact, my companion stated to not feel that well. So after lunch we tried to go visit Galo. WE ALMOST HAD A LESSON!!! literally so close to his house, then my comp just starts throwing up like crazy everywhere. So we ended up going back to the house for the day. After about 3 hours of just sitting in the house my comp finally wakes up. I was deathly bored and was just sitting at my desk. SO I'm of course wanting to leave so i was like how about i give you some oils to help you out. Well little did i know that the doterra book would entertain a bored missionary for about 2 hours. I couldn't quite figure out what he needed based of the symptoms he gave me, but i read about 100 pages of that book, including how to do the aroma touch therapy. No i did not do that to him cuz I'm not gay, but i do know how to now. hahah I know way too much now about diseases. Probably wont come in handy either. But one thing i did love about that day is i listened to maybe about 6 byu devotionals. My favorite that stood out to me was called "choosing happiness". It really is such a good talk! It made me think a lot about my own happiness. He said besides the obvious answer of living the gospel brings happiness, its when you thank others for everything when you realize how happy you are. He said i recommend counting the number of times you say thank you in one day, then beat it. Thank the lord for everything in your prayers. Not only for everything that's awesome and going great, but even for the trials. I thought that part was so cool. Never have i thought about thanking the lord for a trial that i have, but based on the fact that the past 10 months have been a huge trial and I'm happy proves that we should be thankful for them. Learning to be happy especially when you get homesick and just hate life at times bc its too hard and i literally cant sometimes is so critical. Learning to just say thank you to the people that make your life a little better! I suggest to you guys to start being a little more appreciative to what you have and saying thank you more. This also means being more positive!  I'm learning so much right now on my mission and I'm just happy about this gospel!  
So changes happened yesterday and i stayed in my sector in Latacunga. I received Elder Espinosa. He's from medillian colombia and has about 5 months in the mission. He's really cool. Its just he really mumbles a lot and I'm having a hard time understanding haha. I haven't had this problem since my training understanding people. At least this lady at this cyber I'm at right now doesn't understand him either. Makes me feel a little better about myself haha. Anyways, positive mode, my Spanish is gonna be of the charts after this change once i learn to understand him! please pray for me haha  
Anyways I'm really happy about how changes went and about the things I've been learning! I'm excited to get working this week and find more of Gods children. This church is true and I'm super happy to be here. I'm almost on the back 9 of my mission and so times running out to enjoy serving others! I love you all! Have an awesome week! Thanks for the letters! Ill talk to you all next week! 

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