Monday, October 31, 2016


Haha so this week was pretty good. My companion is super funny and so we have been having a good time. So since my comp is a lot taller than me I tell them he's from the states and they believe me. I kinda stopped doing it because after like the 3rd time of being raged on for my spanish I was like yeah this joke isn't funny anymore. Its because I say hes from the states and they respond saying but your spanish is really good to him. So the joke isnt funny to me anymore. But I told someone that my companion played in the NBA before he came on the mission and they believed me and then my companion said the joke of what the NBA stands for (see subject) But things are going great here. 

Well in news of whats going on, they closed down the other sector in my ward in emergency changes and so we have the whole ward to our selves. Its a little intimidating because its a VERY big sector with A LOT of recent converts and A LOT of work to do. We are trying to figure out a good balance between the work in the sectors but hopefully we can get that all figured out. But because the hermanas got taken out, we had another baptism! It was honestly pretty crazy. Her name is Magaly and I have taught her one time. It was pretty cool though to know that she was getting baptized because she knows that this church is true and not for the missionaries. She may have not the strongest knowledge of the church but she knows its true so its a start. We will be working with her a lot and her sister accepted baptism but not a date. Hopefully we can get things going a little more there.
Well family and ya else, its been a good week. I drank a lot of mate, learned a lot about soccer history and uruguay history, but my testimony got stronger this week. So its been a good week. Ill be talking to you all lates. Love you all 

 Picture of Daniela (sorry its super blurry. Not my fault haha) 

 Picture of Magaly and her baptism (Idk why she's posing like that)

Since you guys went to disneyland, I learned how to make chocolate and we made disney chocolates because im still hurt

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