Monday, October 3, 2016

Tu Eres Todo... Poderoso

Man I cant express to you all how much I love conference. Just like Elder K. Brett Nattress I hate to admit this to you all but, I was not listening when I shoved my head between the cushions to listen to conference. I seriously feel the urge to go back over the past like 19 yrs of my life and listen to every conference talk given. However as awesome as conference is I tell you what, I am so excited to only have one left on the mission and not have to worry and stress all day about trying to get to watch it in english. Also super excited not to be thrown into the secretary´s office with other gringos to listen to it haha. Ill write more about conference latuh on 
Unfortunately, the rat killing did not happen this week. I would say im disappointed but ive been pretty sick all week and killing rats probably would have only diagnosed me with the plague so its all good. The sickness, its going on day 6 right now. Nothing serious just bad headaches and a super sore throat to the point where i sleep every other night because one night i dont sleep cuz im coughing all night and the next i do because im just so exhausted from working on 0 sleep. I tell you what, im not gonna miss these experiences but its something that truly makes you grateful.
So to start out I would like to talk about seriously how inspired these leaders of the church are. Within the first 2 talks, my question was answered. Its something I already knew the answer to apparently but it really hit me right in the good ol bosom. The trick to missionary work is love. In my last letter I talked about service. Putting the needs of others before yours. In those first 2 talks by President Uchtdorf and Elder Hales the parts that had the most impact on me were the parts where they talked about love. You can do all the service you want in the world, but if you dont do it with love it wont change you.
However, the talk that stood the most out to me was by Elder Rasband. They really saved one of the best talks for the last. Something that I loved was how he said "we cant forget our personal spiritual experiences" It really was something so obvious but something I needed to hear. He talked about how sometimes we give our children names so they wont forget. The other day I was watching Monte del SeƱor, I dont know what its called in english, but its about the building of the salt lake temple. In the movie, President Woodruff says "ive always kept a record ever since the prophet joseph smith said we should everyday. No matter how tired I am, I always do it." So when I heard the part about "we cant forget our personal spiritual experiences" I thought about my journal writing. These past several weeks Ive had the most spiritual experiences just sitting on buses and thinking and reading a lot but at the same time, my journal writing has been the worst its ever been my whole mission. Not only that, but ive decided I need to change the way I write in my journal. Ive normally just been keeping a track of everything I have done that day so after the mission I can remember everyday, but now im changing it to what President Eyring said in a talk not too long ago about how have I seen the Lords hand in my life and also to my personal spiritual experiences. Somedays on the mission you just are on fire and nothing slows you down, then the next your just there working because you know you should which isnt nearly as enjoyable. With that talk, I determined its because im forgetting my personal Spiritual experiences. I know that if we dont forget those experiences, being able to endure to the end will be so much more enjoyable and easier because we remember the love of our Savior and have felt the spirit testify to us of truths. I invite all of you who dont, to keep a journal of those personal spiritual experiences. If you feel like church things sometimes are a chore, its because you dont remember those experiences enough to know that those are blessings.
I truly am so grateful for such inspired leaders of the church to guide us in these last days. The church is true! I love you all and have an awesome week! 

BTW a new investigator started giving me all this christian music. The subject is the best one ive heard so far of like the 1000 songs hes just giving me haha 

 1st i found kolbe. Hes really skinny now but its good for him. Maybe he wont die from diabetes this time 

 would you check out that view 

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