Monday, October 17, 2016

Book(s) of Mormon(s)

So some crazy stuff is goin down! To start, the mission wont have or receive any book(s) of Mormon(s) for the next several months. Its gonna be pretty difficult to help the new investigators progress the next several months when we only have 3 copies in the house. Thats a book of mormon a month if my math is right. Its that supposedly the distribution center in the states doesnt have any copies of the new version in spanish so we have to wait for them to print it out, then send them to us. By new versions I mean that the book of mormon I have now, is out of date cuz they changed a few words in some verses in the spanish book of mormon...
Next crazy thing, we got these books about "how to use technology safely" and they gave them to all the missionaries in the mission and said its to be studied to help you after the mission. I think they are lying and that ill be getting an ipad woooooooooooo! I hope so but honestly, id rather have a bike than an ipad...
On saturday we were supposed to have a baptism. It was the baptism of Daniela. Jose's little sister. She was FINALLY excited to get baptized it was awesome! So friday we went to their house we talked to the mom saying hey at this hour we are gonna come by and go to the church with Daniela and with Jose. She was like yeah thats fine. What we didnt know is that she told Daniela that night when we left that she couldnt leave till she got home and then they were gonna go down together. So we followed the plan that we set the day before and so did Jose and Daniela. So about 30 minutes before the baptism started the mom calls me yelling at me like a psycho latino that you would see in some crazy mexican telenovelas. So i made my companion talk to her. She went pscho wanted to talk to Daniela and she yelled at her made her cry then told us we never told her we were gonna go down with her. We said yeah we told you last night and she said but you have to call and tell me when you got her and say shes with you. Well we didnt know that and so Daniela was still crying and so the bishop talked to her then Pte Christensen was at the baptism too and so he talked to her and told us we should wait to baptize her cuz shes too upset to be able to focus on the spirit. The worst part was that the bishop told her she wasnt prepared to get baptized now the mom wont let her. It was a BIG mess! MADNESS! Hopefully within the next several weeks we can get this all taken care of and she will be able to get baptized!
Other than all that news.. this past week we had a meeting with president and the assistants talked about something that really made me think. They talked about the phrase "returning with honor" they applied it by saying we all know what it means, but it can be applied to more than just going home after the mission with honor. It means going back to your house every night with honor. Every time you walk in the house at night you should reflect and think if really, you came home with honor that day. It really does make you think a lot about your diligence. If really you gave everything you had that day. My new goal is to have a personal evaluation at night to see if really im coming home with honor. If not, what did I not do and how can I make sure I do it the next day. Everyday times running out and its crazy how fast its going. I gotta make sure im doin all I can in these next months so not only everyday I can go home with honor, but when the time comes, I truly come home with honor knowing I did all I could with what I was given.
I love you all! Thanks for the love and the support. I gots pictures so yeah! Ttyl

 baptism of the familia moreno!

 My favorite activity of my mission so far! As you can see it was a monster! 

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