Monday, October 10, 2016

Letter Home

So last night I ate probably one of the grossest things of my mission. I ate pig intestines with a nasty side of something that looked like meat but tasted like crap. Honestly I was trying so hard not to gag and every time I put that nastiness in my mouth I hid it under my tongue and waited a sec then gulped down some liquid without chewing it cuz it was full gross! Seriously the worst ive eaten until then was cow utter and let me tell you Id rather eat cow utter and fu with a side of beef balls than eat that grossness again haha. My companion said he really liked it though... Lts are weird sometimes.
So this week we heard a capacitation that I really enjoyed. This Elder is one of my good friends cuz hes a super funny chubby latino and just honestly makes the mission fun! So he was talking about the mission horario and was talking about how we need to follow the rules cuz if we show up to the house too late, we dont plan, when you dont plan you say youll do it in the morning but then if you over sleep you dont plan and then your day is garbage just wondering all day in the streets just looking to get into a house. He then shares the scripture of Abraham having to sacrifice his son. He says, now if that angel would have woken up that day and gone "naw im tired im gonna sleep a little more" then shows up even 2 minutes late, Isaac would have died. So when ever you dont want to wake up in the morning, maybe you kill an Isaac. Dont kill and Isaac. It was the greatest capacitation ive heard in a long time haha not only because it was super funny the way he tied scriptures in, but he made it super awesome that you just wanna be more obedient with everything!
So other than all that jazz, it was a pretty good week. We had 2 more baptisms of the moreno family and it was so awesome to see them get baptized! They bore super strong testimonies at the end and even the 13 yr old jordy started crying in his testimony. The spirit was for sure present at that baptism! It was a little hectic though because the bishop was gonna baptize jordy but he called us 15 minutes before the baptism was gonna start and told us. I already lent my pants to one of the investigators getting baptized cuz they dont even fit me anymore. So I had to run home, grab extra clothing cuz coach put me in and it was game time. So I showed up about 5 minutes late and our mission president was there haha. I was like ahhhh no because he is huge on starting everything on time. The point is it was crazy, we started late, but the spirit was still there and we now have 3 new members of the church! (1 of the sisters)
I started restudying a talk this past week and I focused on Elder Nelsons because everyone told me that was their favorite. The biggest thing I loved from that talk was when he said "only latter day saints can have joy under any circumstance". It really made me think because its raining here nonstop which makes it a lot harder to work and im still sick but im happy. Its so weird. Because I have a better understanding of my Savior now, I understand everything He did for us and it makes a lot of things that happen in the mission seem like nothing. You just have so much love for Him, that you love doing what He would do if He was still on the earth. I also loved when he said "missionaries dont leave their homes to increase the number of members in the church. They do it to bring joy to the world!" I have receivedso many blessings and im honestly happy. Im here to share it with the rest of Ecuador!
I love you all and thank you for all you have done for me! ill talk to you all next week! 

PS. I forgot my cord to my camara so i cant send pictures. Ill do it next week and btw I went fishing today and it was awesome. Wasnt no hot dog catching catfish, but it was good enough! 

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