Monday, May 23, 2016


So nothing too interesting happened this week that I would like to start out my letter with so I'll just get into the letter. 
So as you guys may have noticed from my past couple letters, the works been a bit slow here. After a 3 week drought of not finding a single new investigator, IT HAS OFFICIALLY ENDED!!! So this week we finally were able to get a cita with a street contact. The past 3 weeks have been a lot of sorry I'm catholic get out of my face or I'm too busy but we finally got a good family! They're the Molina family. They are so awesome! They got a super sassy 11 yr old daughter that just cracks me up! I honestly love that family so much. So the other day we go to teach them and the husband wasn't home yet and the wife said he would be home soon so we started playing soccer with their kids, don't worry i destroyed those niños! Reminded me of schooling Boston and Nixon in low hoop. Good times. So that was a lot of fun. He didn't end up coming home so we came back the next morning and taught them and the lesson was so powerful! They loved it and accepted fecha! Unfortunately that fecha already fell due to not coming yesterday, but the lesson was on Saturday and they already had a compromise in Quito for Sunday so they tried to get back in time but they barely missed it. I'm so excited about this family! Hopefully this family will progress super well! They are so awesome!
Galo came to church yesterday which means hes all good for his interview next Sunday. Hes really awesome and we taught some really powerful lessons with him this week. Its just hard because his wife doesn't like the church at all and so he gets no support but he told us he knows this church is true. His wife just sometimes threatens him withseparation if he gets baptized. We have still yet been able to get a hold of her, but we are trying. We gave him a couple good ideas that he can say to his wife. Hopefully they work.
I had a spiritual thought i wanted to shared with you guys i jut forgot cuz they were written down in my agenda and I accidentally left it on my desk. Anyways, hopefully everyones reading the Book of Mormon. Even tho I'm reading it in spanish and obviously missing the deeper doctrine of this book, I still know every word in there is true and there for a reason. Keep reading it!
I love you guys a lot! Thanks for the emails! I'm doing great and love my time here in Ecuador and love the new families that we have found! They really are a blessing of the Lord! Talk to you all next week! 

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